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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Kanako Yasaka

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山坂と湖の権化 The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes
八坂 神奈子 Yasaka Kanako Kanako Yasaka
能力        乾を創造する程度の能力 Ability: The ability to create heavenliness[1]
危険度      低 Threat level: Low
人間友好度   高 Human friendship level: High
主な活動場所  妖怪の山、人間の里、間欠泉センターなど Main place of activity: Youkai Mountain, Human Village, Geyser Center, etc.
 外の世界から、神社ごとやってきた神様である。多くの神様が幻想郷も外の世界も関係無く自由に行き来しているのに対し、彼女は拠点を幻想郷に移し、信者を幻想郷の人間や妖怪に絞る事で篤い信仰を集めようと考えている(*1)。 A god who came from the outside world along with her shrine. Unlike most gods who freely come and go between Gensokyo and the outside world, she is now based entirely in Gensokyo and focuses on gathering strong faith solely from its humans and youkai.(*1)
 彼女の種族は神霊に相当する。その為、昔は人間か何かだったと思われるが、それが誰なのか、個人なのか集団なのかはもう判らない。 She corresponds with the class of divine spirits. Because of this, it is believed she used to be some form of human long ago, but their identity, or even whether they were an individual or a group, is no longer determinable.
 昔は風雨の神だったらしいが、現在は山の神様と呼ばれている。今まで山を支配していたと思われる妖怪達とは、表向きは互助関係にあるが、実際は不明。お互い利用してやろうとしか思っていない様にも見える為、慎重に見守る必要があるだろう。 In the past it seems she was a storm god, but currently she is called a mountain god. Publicly, she has a mutually beneficial relationship with the youkai that have been ruling the mountain so far, but the reality of the situation is unknown. It appears that they are only using each other, so it is necessary to carefully observe them.
 博麗神社と異なり、営業活動は盛んである。信仰であれば何でも良いらしく、あの手この手でうまい話を持ちかけてくる。特に技術革新を好み、伝統を軽んずる向きがある。外の世界を捨てて幻想郷に移ってきたのもそういう性格の現れだろう。しかし、山の神様とは何だったのだろうか。 Unlike the Hakurei Shrine, the Moriya Shrine is much more active in its operations. It seems she's fine with anything as long as it wins her faith, and she'll propose all sorts of suspiciously attractive offers. She especially likes technological innovation, and has a tendency to look down on tradition. Her abandoning the outside world for Gensokyo is surely another indication of her personality. And what is a mountain god anyway?
 容姿は派手である。相手に威圧感を与える事が目的らしい。ちなみに神霊は本来姿形は無い者が多いが、有名な神霊は固定の姿を取っている事が多い。それは信仰を得る為に必要な事で、多くの人間は、見えない物や嫌悪感を感じるような容姿の物には近寄らないからだ。 She has a showy appearance. It seems this is to intimidate those she meets. Incidentally, while divine spirits normally have no form, cases of famous spirits taking on a fixed appearance are common. This is necessary for them to obtain faith, as many humans will not approach things they cannot see or feel uncomfortable with.
 性格は高圧的かつ独善的。しかしその性格が頼りがいがあるとも見え、そこそこ信仰も得られているようである。ただし、こういう性格の輩は詐欺師にも多いので注意されたい。 Her personality is oppressive and self-righteous. However, those same qualities can be seen as reliable, which has allowed her to gather faith. However, people with such a personality are often swindlers as well, so please exercise caution.
能力 Ability
 能力には謎が多い(*2)。洩矢諏訪子と共同して地形を変化させたり、地中に穴を開けたりしている。道を造ったり巨大建造物を建てる事も得意のようだ。しかし、何故かその能力は神社の御利益に活かさない。 There are many mysteries concerning her ability(*2). She has done things like changing the terrain in cooperation with Suwako Moriya, as well as opening holes to the underground. She is also skilled at making roads and erecting large structures. However, for some reason this power is not used in her shrine's blessings.
 ちなみに命蓮寺を建立するのも手伝ったらしい。そこに至った経緯は不明だが、一夜にして完成したのは記憶に新しい。 Incidentally, she helped to build the Myouren Temple. The details of what triggered this are unknown, but the fact that she completed it in one night was quite memorable.
間欠泉センターの謎 The Mystery of the Geyser Center
 妖怪の山の麓の温泉地帯(通称・地獄谷間欠泉センター)の管理者が彼女である。ここは怨霊が湧き、人間が近寄るのは危険である。怨霊は人間にも妖怪にも害を為す幽霊であるが、ここに湧いている理由は間欠泉が地獄と繋がっているからだとされている。 The hot spring area at the base of Youkai Mountain (aka: Hell's Valley Geyser Center) is under her supervision. Because vengeful spirits appear here, it is dangerous for humans to approach. While vengeful spirits are phantoms that harm humans and youkai, the reason they appear here is due to the geyser being directly connected with Hell.
 怨霊の所為で人間も妖怪も、余りここには近寄らない。彼女のような神霊は、怨霊の影響は殆ど無いので、ここの管理を引き受けているという話になっている。 Because of the vengeful spirits, neither humans nor youkai come here very often. According to hearsay, she undertook management of the area because a divine spirit like her is mostly unaffected by vengeful spirits.
 地底から洩れてきてしまっているだけだと言うが、未だに怨霊が漂っていることがある。もし、彼女が意図的に怨霊を放置しているとしたら要注意である。 She says that the vengeful spirits are just leaking out, but still there are a quite few of them drifting around. Attention is required in case it turns out that she is intentionally neglecting them.
守矢神社の謎 The Mystery of the Moriya Shrine
 守矢神社は妖怪の山の中にある。規模は博麗神社よりも大きくて荘厳である。しかし場所柄、博麗神社以上に人が踏み入れる事は少ない。 The Moriya Shrine is on Youkai Mountain. It is much larger and more sublime than the Hakurei Shrine. However, because of its location it receives no more human visitors than the Hakurei Shrine.
 信仰の殆どが、天狗や河童などの山の妖怪によるものである。御利益も妖怪が喜びそうな物に偏っており、仕方が無いだろう。 Most of its faith comes from the youkai of the mountain, like the tengu and kappa. They had no choice but to skew their blessings in favor of those which would please the youkai.
 守矢神社には外の世界の物が山ほどあるが、その殆どは宝物庫(*3)に封印しているそうだ。その宝物庫を狙う輩も少なからずいるが、妖怪の山自体が排他的な為、今のところ侵入者は無いと言われる。 In the Moriya Shrine there are many objects from the outside world, but it seems they are mostly sealed in a treasure vault(*3). There are quite a few people who desire the treasures, but because the Youkai Mountain itself is so exclusive, it is said that there have been no intruders so far.
 外の世界から来た為、生活水準は高いらしい。進んだ科学技術を河童に小出しにしては、生活費を集めている。どうしても参拝客が不足する為、お賽銭に期待できないからだ。 Because they come from the outside world, their standard of living seems to be quite high. They make their living by selling their advanced technology to the kappa in small bits. Because they get few visitors, they can't rely on offerings.
対策 Countermeasures
 人間に対し敵意は無く、恐れる必要は少ないと思われる。 Because she has no hostility towards humans, it is believed there is little reason to fear her.
 必ずしも信仰する必要はないが、無礼な事をすれば祟られる事もある。神様には必ず両面性が有り、信仰すれば御利益となって現れるが、怒らせれば祟られるのだ。 While you don't necessarily have to have faith in her, being disrespectful can cause you to be cursed. All gods have two sides to them: faith in one grants blessings while their anger provokes curses.
 それに困った事に彼女は少し怒りっぽいようだ。機嫌を損ねない様に注意したい。 Unfortunately, she seems a bit short-tempered. Be careful not to ruin her mood.
 贈り物に弱いので、何か無礼な事をしてしまった場合は、お供え物でも用意すると良いだろう。 She is susceptible to gifts, so if you somehow disrespect her it's best to prepare an offering.
*1 ブルーオーシャン戦略というらしい 1: It seems that this is called the Blue Ocean Strategy.
*2 そもそも能力は自己申告制なので……。 2: As abilities are self-described in the first place...
*3 宝物という程の物では無く、幻想郷では使えない様なガラクタばかりらしいが……。 3: It's anything but treasure. Apparently, it's just a bunch of junk that's unusable in Gensokyo...
< Part 1: What the new powers bring to Gensokyo   Symposium of Post-mysticism   Part 1: Suwako Moriya >

  1. The specific term used is 乾, qián (ken in Japanese) or "Force", which is one of the hexagrams of the I Ching, and is symbolically related to the concept of Heaven or Tian in Taoist philosophy and religion.