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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Kogasa Tatara

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Pages 76-78
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愉快な忘れ傘 The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella
多々良 小傘 Tatara Kogasa Kogasa Tatara
能力        人間を驚かす程度の能力 Ability: The ability to surprise humans
危険度      低 Threat level: Low
人間友好度   高 Human friendship level: High
主な活動場所  人間の里、命蓮寺、博麗神社、守矢神社等 Main place of activity: Human Village, Myouren Temple, Hakurei Shrine, Moriya Shrine, etc.
 使用者がいなくなった傘に宿る神霊が、へそを曲げた付喪神である。道具に宿る神というのは、大切に扱っている時は使用者の為に合わせようとするが、捨てられてしまうと暴走して人間に牙を剥くようになる。どのような道具にも神は宿っているので粗末にしてはいけない。もし不要になったのなら、そのまま捨てるのでは無く、完全に壊してから捨てよう。道具の神も、壊される事には怒ったりはしない。 She is a tsukumogami, who came about after the divine spirit residing within an umbrella became angered after being abandoned. The gods that live in tools will cooperate with the owner when used with care, but when thrown away they will go berserk and act hostile towards humans. All tools have gods living inside them, so they should be not be treated roughly. If a tool is no longer needed, they should not be discarded as they are, but only after they have been completely broken down. The god residing in the tool will not be upset by this.
 付喪神になって何をしているかというと、ただ人間を驚かす毎日を送っている。付喪神は自分の存在を無視してきた人間に対して、腹いせで驚かしているだけだ。 As for what she does after becoming a tsukumogami, she simply spends every day surprising humans. Tsukumogami just want revenge on the people who had ignored their existence by surprising them.
 典型的な妖怪だが、人間を襲ったり喰らったりする事はない。 She is a typical youkai, but she never attacks or eats humans.
 そんな生い立ちなのだが、性格は気さくで人懐っこい。人間を驚かす為に人間の里に行ったりしているが、大人には嫌われるものの、奇抜なデザインの傘は子供達に意外と人気なようだ(*1)。 Despite her rough history, her personality is good-natured and friendly. She often goes to the village to surprise humans, and even though she is hated by adults, it seems as if umbrellas with eccentric designs are unexpectedly popular among children(*1).
 命蓮寺に入り浸っているが、別に入門している訳では無い。人間がよく訪れる墓地があるので、そこならば驚かしやすいという理由で入り浸っている。 She frequents the Myouren Temple, but that does not quite mean she has joined it. As there is a graveyard that humans will often visit on the grounds, she lurks there because she finds it easier to surprise them.
ださい傘 The Uncool Umbrella
 巨大な一つ目と舌が付いた、非常に個性的なデザインの傘を持っている(*2)。驚かす事が目的でその形になったらしい。 She carries(*2) an umbrella with an extremely unique design, with a giant single eye and a tongue. It was made to be that shape for the purpose of surprising people.
 茄子色の傘だったのだが、それが何故か不人気で誰にも使われなかった。 It was an eggplant-colored umbrella, but for some reason it was unpopular and was not used by anyone.
 一本足で一つ目、というと一本だたらという凶悪な妖怪を彷彿させる。この妖怪は山ではぐれた人間を攫い、殺したり仲間に加えたりするらしい。それにあやかって傘のデザインを変えたものと思われる(*3)。それにより、ますます滑稽になったのは言うまでもない。 The single leg and eye makes it resemble a fiendish youkai called the Ippon Datara. It is said that this youkai kidnaps humans that are lost in the mountains, then does things like kill them or taking them into its group. The design of the umbrella is thought to have been modified to be based on this youkai(*3). Needless to say, it looks even more comical due to this.
 しかし、傘はただの飾りでは無い。彼女とは切っても切り離せない[1]物だ。傘を持っている姿でしか存在できない付喪神なのである。 However, the umbrella is no mere decoration. It is inseparable from her. She is a tsukumogami that literally cannot exist without her umbrella.
対策 Countermeasures
 驚いた姿を見て喜ぶだけの付喪神なので、危険度は少ない。瞬間的に血圧が上がったり、心臓麻痺の恐れがあるが、そもそも脅かしが子供騙しレベルなので大丈夫だろう。 She is a tsukumogami who takes joy just in seeing people act surprised, so she isn't very dangerous. There is the chance of your blood pressure momentarily increasing or getting a heart attack, but her attempts at spooking are child's play so that shouldn't be a problem at all.
 無視すると落ち込む。問題があるとすれば落ち込んだ姿の方が鬱陶しいので、わざと驚いた振りをして相手を喜ばせた方が良い。 She'll become depressed when you ignore her. If there's a problem with that, it's that seeing her in her depressed state is bothersome, so it's better to pretend that you're afraid to please her.
*1 彼女にはそれが不満らしい。 1: She does not seem pleased by that.
*2 持っているというか、そっちも本体。 2: Rather than saying she carries it, it is also her body.
*3 彼女の名前もそれにあやかったものと思われる。 3: It's presumed that her name is also derived from it.
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  1. Originally misprinted as "切って切り離せない".