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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Koishi Komeiji

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Pages 114-116
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閉じた恋の瞳 The Closed Eyes of Love
古明地 こいし Komeiji Koishi Koishi Komeiji
能力        無意識を操る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to manipulate the unconscious
危険度      不明 Threat level: Unknown
人間友好度   皆無 Human friendship level: None
主な活動場所  不明 Main place of activity: Unknown
 姉のさとりと同じ妖怪、サトリだ。ただし己の心を閉ざし、他人の心も読めなくなったサトリである。 A satori like her older sister Satori. However, she is a satori who had closed off her own mind, making herself unable to read others's.
 心が読めないせいで嫌われる事は無くなったが、自分の心もすっからかんなので、誰からも好かれなくなってしまった。視界に入らない限り存在感が無い。ややもすれば彼女が目に映っていても、存在していない様に思ってしまうだろう(*1)。視界から消えれば、すぐに忘れ去られてしまう。 Since she cannot read minds, there is no longer any reason for others to hate her, but since her own mind is completely empty, she can no longer be liked by anyone either. Her presence cannot be felt by anyone unless she has entered their direct field of vision. And even if one can see her with their eyes, she will still be thought of as non-existent(*1). When she leaves one's sight, she is immediately forgotten.
 実は昔から地上に出てきたりしていたようだが、誰の目にも映っていなかったようだ。姉のさとりの存在に触れ、ようやく妹のこいしも認識されるようになった。 Actually, it seems as if she has been coming above ground for some time, but no one took notice even when they saw her. Now that Satori's existence has been revealed, Koishi finally started to be recognized as well.
 姉とは異なり動物からも好かれていない。嫌われてもいない。 Unlike her older sister, she is not even liked by animals, nor is she hated.
 そんなこいしだが、姉には心配されているようだ。心の無い彼女は姉からも見えないようだが、それでも姉の心から消えることは無かったのである。 Despite Koishi's nature, her older sister does worry about her. Even her older sister can't see her because of her lack of a mind, but nonetheless her sister hasn't forgotten her.
 そんな彼女の性格は空っぽで、姉と同様、コミュニケーションを取る事が難しい。 As her personality is blank, it's just as difficult to communicate with her as it is with her sister.
無意識 Unconsciousness
 彼女は自分で考えて行動するというよりは、その場のノリで行動することが多い。 Instead of considering her own actions before carrying them out, she often performs them on-the-spot.
 右手を挙げる、とわざわざ意識しなくても挙げられるように、彼女の行動は全て無意識で行われているのだ。その為、他人のみならず、本人ですら次に何をするのか判らない。 Just like raising your right arm, without intending to do so, she performs all of her actions unconsciously. Because of that, it is impossible for even herself, much less other people, to know what she will do next.
 欲望に忠実に生きている訳でも無い。そもそも欲望すら無いと思われる。風に舞う布きれのように、ただ流されるままに生きているようだ。 This doesn't mean that she lives purely following her desires. She probably never had any to begin with. Like a piece of cloth fluttering in the wind, she goes with the flow.
 無意識は修行を積んだ僧侶ですら会得するのが難しいという。しかし、彼女みたいになる事が良い事なのだろうか。その辺を命蓮寺の僧侶達に聞いてみたいものだ。 It is said to be difficult to comprehend the unconscious, even for trained monks. However, it's questionable whether or not becoming like her is desirable. I'd like to ask the monks at the Myouren Temple about that.
彼女を慕う者 Those Who Like Her
 好かれも嫌われもしない、そんな彼女だが一部に彼女を慕う者もいるらしい。 While her nature makes her neither liked nor hated, it appears there are some who do enjoy her presence.
 複雑な人間関係を構築していない、子供とは話が合うようだ。 She gets on well with children who have not yet built complex human relations.
 大人には見えず、一部の子供にだけ見える妖怪。子供の頃は一緒に遊んだりしたのに、大人になるとその存在をすっかり忘れてしまう、そんな経験は無いだろうか(*2)。 A youkai invisible to adults, and only visible to certain children. However, even those who played with them in their childhood will completely forget that they existed once they grow up. Has anything like that ever happened to you?(*2)
 彼女の事は『空想上の友達(イマジナリーコンパニオン)』と呼ばれている。こいしはまさしくその、空想上の友達その物だ。 They are often referred to as "imaginary friends." Koishi is, no doubt, an imaginary friend.
対策 Countermeasures
 危険性は不明である。 Her threat level is unknown.
 彼女を見かけても何をするでも無いし、対策も必要ないと思われる。 Even if you catch sight of her, she will not do anything, so it is probably not necessary to take any countermeasures.
 しかし刺激する事だけは止めよう。万が一、妖怪さとりとして復活するような事があっても、誰も得をしないからである。 However, do not do anything to provoke her. If by some slim chance she were to recover her powers as a satori, nobody would benefit.
*1 路傍の石ころの様な存在である。 1: An existence like a stone on the side of the road. [1]
*2 私には無い。 2: Not to me.


  1. A reference to Koishi's name. "Koishi" can mean "little stone" (小石) in Japanese.
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