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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Mamizou Futatsuiwa

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Pages 50-52
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佐渡の二ッ岩 Futatsuiwa from Sado
二ッ岩 マミゾウ Hutatuiwa Mamizou Mamizou Futatsuiwa
能力        化けさせる程度の能力 Ability: The ability to disguise
危険度      高 Threat level: High
人間友好度   極高 Human friendship level: Very High
主な活動場所  命蓮寺、魔法の森など Main place of activity: Myouren Temple, Forest of Magic, etc.
 外の世界からやってきたという非常に珍しい妖怪狸。幻想郷で独自に進化した妖怪よりも、古典的な容姿と能力を持つ。 She is a very unusual youkai tanuki who came from the outside world. She has a more traditional appearance and ability than the youkai in Gensokyo who have evolved unique characteristics.
 元々、化け狸の頭領だったらしく、それ相応の威厳とカリスマを持つが、その分新たな火種の元になる可能性が高い。 She seems to have originally been the chief bake-danuki, and she possesses the appropriate dignity and charisma for such a position, but there is a high possibility that such qualities will cause new sparks here.
 幻想郷には元々妖怪狸が数多く棲んでおり、それらの野良狸と外来の彼女が上手くやっていけるのかは注意深く見守っていく必要がある。 There were already many youkai tanuki native to Gensokyo, and as she is a foreign tanuki from the outside, they should be watched carefully to see if she will fit in.
 化けさせる能力は自分の姿のみならず、他の物体も変化させる事が出来るという物だが、幻覚とは異なり無から幻を生み出す事は出来ない。何を騙すにしても、元になる物体が必要なのである。その物体も変化後に近い物体で無いとすぐに見破る事が出来るだろう。例えば、犬を鳥に化けさせても、空を飛ぶ事が出来ない為、すぐにばれてしまう。あくまでも見え方が違うだけで、性質は殆ど変わらないのだ。 Although her power to disguise things can also be used to transform objects other than herself, she is unable to cause hallucinations, meaning she cannot create an illusion from nothing. No matter the deception, there needs to be a base from where it originated. And even so, if that base is transformed into something that does not resemble it, it will be seen through almost immediately. For example, if she transforms a dog into a bird, it would be quickly exposed because the dog cannot fly. Even if it looks different, its nature cannot be changed greatly.
 また、本人が化けると尻尾が隠せない事が多い。これは化け狸、化け狐全般に言える事だが、完全に尻尾と耳を消すのは不可能で、見えない位小さくしたり保護色でカモフラージュしたりして見えなくしているのである。しかし、動揺したりテンションが上がったりすると、つい耳と尻尾が動いてしまい、凄く目立つ。 Also, she usually can't hide her tail when she disguises herself. This is true of all bakedanuki and bakegitsune, but as it is impossible for them to remove their ears and tail completely when disguised, they hide them by shrinking them to an unnoticeable size or changing their color to camouflage them. However, when they're suddenly disturbed or excited, their ears and tail will twitch unintentionally, making their disguise painfully obvious.
 これは、尻尾の大きさが妖力のバロメーターとなっている、妖獣ならではの宿命だろう。 This is an unavoidable fact for all beasts who have large tails as a barometer of their youkai power.
 そんな彼女も、最初から尻尾を隠そうとしていない。尻尾の大きさは妖獣としての格の高さ故、と言ったところか。 In her case, she has never made an effort to hide her tail at all. It can be said that the size of their tail is a sign of their high status as a beast.
 目が遠いのか時折眉をひそめたりしたり、年寄り臭い口調で話すが、もしかしたら姿は化けているだけで本当に年寄りなのかも知れない(*1)。 She sometimes furrows her brow as if she were far-sighted, and talks in the tone of an elderly woman, so perhaps her form is just a disguise, and she is truly elderly.(*1)
佐渡の不思議 The Mystery of Sado
 佐渡とは外の世界の国の一つである。建国は平安時代より遡るとされる。 Sado is a province in the outside world. Its founding dates back to the Heian era (A.D. 794-1185).
 そんな佐渡からやってきた彼女の話によると、佐渡は化け狸の天下であり、狐は一匹も居ない、らしい。 It being her old home, she says that Sado is a whole country of bakedanuki, and it seems not a single fox can be found there.
 幻想郷でも外の世界でも、化け狸は人間の振りをして社会に溶け込んでいる事が多い。幻想郷ではただのいたずらである事が多いが、外の世界では自分が狸である事を忘れてしまい、人間として一生過ごす事もあるという。完全に尻尾を失うと、自分の意志で姿を戻す事が出来なくなるらしい。 Whether in Gensokyo or the outside world, bakedanuki often mimic humans and blend into their society. In Gensokyo it's usually just to play pranks, but in the outside world there are cases where they themselves forget that they're tanuki and spend their whole lives as humans. It is said that if they lose their tails completely, they can no longer return to their original form of their own will.
 佐渡には狸の末裔が多い。狸は地下に埋まった物を掘り当てる能力に長けていて、その為、狸の末裔は金山を掘り当て裕福に暮したと言われる。 In Sado, there are many descendants of tanuki. Tanuki excel at digging up objects buried in the ground, and it is said that because of this their descendants have dug up a gold mine and lived a wealthy life.
 マミゾウは完全に人化していく狸が多い中、最後まで狸を貫き通した事を誇りに思っているらしい。 While there are many tanuki that become completely humanized, Mamizou seems take pride in living her life as a tanuki to the end.
対処法 Approach
 日常的に人間を化かしている。人間が困惑したり、驚いたりする所を見て喜んでいる。他愛の無いいたずらから、場合によっては命に関わるような騙され方もあり、非常に危険である。 She regularly confuses humans. She enjoys watching them when they are flustered or surprised. They have many ways to deceive others with their callous pranks, which are sometimes life-threatening, so she's highly dangerous.
 しかし、本人が化けているものにはよく見ると尻尾がある筈なので、怪しいと思ったら尻尾を探してみると良いだろう。 However, since there should be a tail if you look carefully at whatever she transforms into, it would be a good idea to try searching for it when you are suspicious.
 また、昼間は化けの皮を剥がし易いが夜は難しい。満月の日はさらに化け力が増すので、極力夜は用心して出歩くしか無い。 Also, while it's easy to expose her during the daytime, it's difficult at night. Because her deceptive powers increase more on nights with a full moon, you should be as careful as possible while walking around on such nights.
*1 化け狸に正体なんて有ってないもの。 1: There's no such thing as a true identity for a bakedanuki.


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