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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Minoriko Aki

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豊かさと稔りの象徴 Symbol of Abundance and Harvest
秋 穣子 Aki Minoriko Minoriko Aki
能力        豊穣を司る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to create plentiful harvests
危険度      中 Threat level: Medium
人間友好度   極高 Human friendship level: Very High
主な活動場所  人間の里、田畑等 Main place of activity: Human Village, fields, etc.
 幻想郷の秋、特に穀物や果実等の出来不出来を司る神様である。非常に人間の生活と密着した神様だが、その分豊穣を司る神様は他にも沢山居る為、篤い信仰が得られていない。 She is a goddess of Gensokyo's autumn, particularly controlling the harvests of grains, fruits, and so forth. Harvest gods like her are closely intertwined with human life, but because there are so many others, she is unable to acquire strong faith from humans.
 彼女の力は秋に実る物にしか作用しない。その上、一つ一つ頑張って育て上げるので、適応範囲には限りがある(*1)。 Her power only affects plants that ripen in the autumn. On top of that, she works hard to cultivate each plant one by one, so there is a limit to how many crops she can accommodate (*1).
 それでもやはり人間に好かれ、収穫祭などに呼ばれて感謝されている。 Despite this, she's still liked by humans, and they express their gratitude by inviting her to harvest festivals.
 彼女には神様の姉が居る。姉は紅葉を司る神様だ。いつも、芋を掘ったり土を弄りながら紅葉を眺め、姉の美的センスを羨ましく思っている。 She has an older sister who is a goddess of autumn leaves. Minoriko always gazes at the fall foliage while digging up potatoes or gardening, and envies her sister's aesthetic sense.
 性格は素朴で明るい。神様だが余り威厳が無いので、神社を建ててまで信仰されるような事は無い。殆どが個人的な信仰ばかりだが、彼女は仕事量が少なく済むと喜んでいるようだ。 Her personality is simple-hearted and cheerful. Although she is a goddess, she doesn't give off a very dignified air, so she isn't worshiped enough to have shrines built to her. Nearly all of her faith comes from individual people, but she seems pleased to have a small workload.
対処法 Approach
 危険性はほぼ無いだろう。 She is nearly harmless.
 しかし彼女は意図的に農作物を枯らせたり出来る(*2)。彼女を蔑ろにしたり、排除しようとしたら痛い目に遭うだろう。 However, she can destroy crops at will (*2). If you treat her with contempt or attempt to eliminate her, you may live to regret it.
 また彼女は自然農法が好みで、過度な除草や整地は避けているようである。彼女の好みに反した農家は敵視されているようだ。 In addition, she prefers natural farming methods, so she avoids excess weeding and soil preparation. Farmers who oppose her preferences seem to be viewed as her enemies.
*1 彼女を信仰している人数分が働いて育てる程度。 1: The number of people who worship her determines the quantity of plants she can tend to.
*2 畑を踏み荒らされたりする。 2: By trampling the fields.


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