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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Mononobe no Futo

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Pages 56-58
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古代日本の尸解仙 Shikaisen from Ancient Japan
物部 布都 Mononobe no Futo Mononobe no Futo
能力        風水を操る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to manipulate feng shui
危険度      低 Threat level: Low
人間友好度   不明 Human friendship level: Unknown
主な活動場所  人間の里等 Main place of activity: Human Village, etc.
長い間、自分自身に呪いをかけて眠っていた古代人である。一旦死ぬ事で輪廻転生の輪から外れる、という方法で不老不死の仙人を目指している。実際にはそう上手く行くはずもなく、やはり死神に目を付けられているそうだ。 An ancient human who cursed herself to sleep for a very long time. She is attempting to become an immortal hermit by way of escaping from the cycle of reincarnation through a temporary death. But in actuality, it has not gone that well, and as expected she is being watched by shinigami.
 同じ手段で現代に生きる豊聡耳神子に比べて幻想郷に馴染めていなく、順応性が低いと思われる。それは過去の彼女を見ても窺うことが出来る。生前(?)も、大陸から来た仏教に馴染めず、古来から信仰されていた神道に近い道教にすがったのだ。現在も豊聡耳神子に仕えると共に、道教を信仰している、筈だが、行っている術や格好は、まだ何か中途半端に過去の遺物を引きずっているようである。だがしかし、それが彼女の持ち味とも言える。 Unlike Toyosatomimi no Miko who also came to live in current times using the same method, she has been unable to adapt to Gensokyo, so it is believed that she is inflexible. The same could be observed in her past. Of the two religions that came from the continent back when she was alive(?), she couldn't adapt to Buddhism. Instead, she clung to Taoism, which was more similar to the ancient faith of Shinto. She continues to practice Taoism to this day, along with supposedly serving Toyosatomimi no Miko. But from the way she looks and acts, it seems like she is still halfheartedly dragging along the ancient remains of her past, unable to let go. On the other hand, it could be said that that's just who she is.
 能力は申し訳程度に風水に関係する物、という言い方をしている(*1)が、彼女のそれは自然信仰という意味で神道のそれと余り変わらない。道教の勉強をする前から身に付けていたものを、そのまま今の能力としている。その為、何処か古くさいのに伝統の重みを感じない。 Her power has a token relation to Feng Shui, or so it is said(*1), but because of the similarities in terms of worshiping nature, what she uses is nearly identical to Shinto. It was an ability she acquired before she studied Taoism, and remains unchanged. For that reason, apart from seeming antiquated, none of its traditional dignity can be felt either.
 性格は温厚なのだが、考え方も古代のまま変化していないのか普通の人間とは完全にずれており、その点に置いては仙人らしい風格を持っているとも言える。 Her personality is gentle, but perhaps because her way of thinking has not changed from ancient times, she's completely out of sync with normal people. At least on that point, it can be said that she has the air of a hermit.
 現在は豊聡耳神子と行動を共にしたり、独自に修行(*2)に励んでいるという。 Currently, she acts together with Toyosatomimi no Miko, and sometimes she does training by herself(*2).
尸解仙 Shikaisen
 仙人の一番の大仕事は、寿命と戦う事である。死神との争いという形になる事が多いが、それは容易な事では無い。仙人とは、人間以上に死なないよう努力し続ける種族だとも言える。 The most important task of being a hermit is fighting against the limited human lifespan. This often takes of the form of fights against shinigami, but it is not easy. It can be said that hermits are a race who make continuous efforts to stave off death above and beyond what humans do.
 そんな中でも、尸解仙は既に死んだ者として振る舞い、寿命から逃れようとする仙人である。 Among them, shikaisen are hermits who try to escape their lifespan by behaving like the dead.
 尸解仙になる方法は様々であるが、彼女が行った方法は「肉体を完全に捨てて、何かの物体に魂を宿らせる。然るべき時が来たらその物体が自分の姿になり、代わりに屍は物体へと変化する」という物らしい。彼女が使った物体はお皿だそうだ(*3)。 While there are many ways to become a shikaisen, it seems that the method she used was to "completely abandon the body, transfer the soul into a particular object and, when the time comes, the object will take their form while their corpse becomes the object." The object she used is said to have been a plate.(*3)
 実は復活する際に肉体を捨てているので、ある程度自由な姿に変化できるのだが、多くの尸解仙は元に近い姿を取るのだという。それはある程度自分の姿に愛着を持っていたり、他の人に認識してもらう為である。彼女もそんな感じで古風な姿をしているが、豊聡耳神子は現代に合わせた姿に変えたそうだ。 Since they have already abandoned their body and flesh by the time they resurrect, there is some degree of freedom to the forms they can assume, but it said that most shikaisen will choose to look similar to their old appearances. This is because of their attachment to their appearance, as well as so others can recognize them. For this reason she has her old-fashioned look, while Miko changed to a look more suited to modern times.
対処法 Approach
 本人はただ修行し、自分の力が増していく事が楽しいだけの様だ。人間に敵対心は無さそうに見える。恐れる事は無いだろう。 It seems like she simply enjoys strengthening her power by training. She does not appear to have any hostility towards humans, so there should be no need to fear her.
 逆に妖怪に対しては理由無しに敵対心を持っている様である。恐らく、幻想郷のルールに馴染めず、人間が妖怪に怯えていた頃の記憶で動いているのだろう。その為、彼女の周りには争いが絶えないようだ。 On the other hand, she seems to be hostile against youkai for no real reason. Perhaps due to being unable to adapt to the ways of Gensokyo, she is acting on the memory of when humans were afraid of youkai. Because of this, she is constantly surrounded by conflict.
 人間を妖怪から助けてくれる事もあるが、彼女の周りには必要では無い争いが多く、どちらかというと迷惑である。近くに居ない方が賢明だ。 Although she may save humans from youkai, her interference is unnecessary most of the time, so she is more of a nuisance. It is best to stay away from her.
*1 能力は自己申請。 1: Abilities are self-reported.
*2 と、時差ボケを治す事。 2: As well as recovering from the time difference.
*3 同様の手段で復活した豊聡耳神子は、宝剣だという。 3: Miko, who resurrected herself in the same way, was said to have used a treasured sword.
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