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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Nitori Kawashiro

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Pages 73-75
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超妖怪弾頭 Super Youkai Warhead
河城 にとり Kawasiro Nitori Nitori Kawashiro
能力        水を操る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to manipulate water
危険度      高 Threat level: High
人間友好度   中 Human friendship level: Medium
主な活動場所  玄武の沢等 Main place of activity: Genbu Ravine, etc.
One of the kappa living in Genbu Ravine. A large number of kappa inhabit the ravine and have created their own society there. In general, they are very dextrous and excel at making tools. It appears that their technological level is beyond the understanding of human's. However, they only share it among a small group of youkai.
彼女のリュックや服のポケットにはありとあらゆる種類の工具、材料、燃料、謎の物質が詰まっている。物理的な道具を作るのにはこれだけで問題ないようだ。呪術的な品やマジックアイテムの制作は若干苦手なようである。 Her backpack and pockets are stuffed with all manner of implements, materials, fuel and other mysterious things, and just with these contents, it seems she has no problem making physical items. It appears she is not too good at producing occult objects or magical items, though.
 臆病なところがあるのか、一人で居るときは人間や妖怪が近寄っても逃げてしまう事が多い。仲間内で明るく楽しく振舞っているが、一人で逃げられない時は高慢な態度を取る。心の底では人間や他の妖怪を下に見ているのだろうが、無理しているのが見え見えである。 Perhaps because of her timidness, she tends to run away when approached by humans or youkai if she is alone. She acts bright and cheerful while in her circle of friends, but when she alone is unable to flee, she adopts a haughty attitude. Deep in her heart she believes she is superior to humans and other youkai, and it is obvious that she is doing her best to keep the idea, standing against the fact.
能力 Ability
 水を操る能力は、道具の力ではなく河童としての能力である。 Her ability to control water is not through tools, but from being a kappa.
 どの程度操れるのかは想像するしか無いが、噴水や水鉄砲、水芸辺りは確認が取れている。 It can only guessed what the extent of the control is, but it has been confirmed she has used it to create fountains, shoot water, and perform water tricks.[1].
 河童は自分から接触してくる事は少ないが、アジトに近づくのは危険である。この水を操る能力で溺れさせられるのだ。 Kappa don't usually make contact with others of their own accord, but it is dangerous to go near their hideout. They will drown you with this ability of water manipulation.
 通背(つうはい)という特徴も持つ。通背とは両腕が繋がっていて、手を伸ばしたり縮めたりが自由自在というものだが、実際には何かの道具を使って腕が伸びているように見せているだけとも言われている。 They also have a characteristic called tsuuhai.[2]. Tsuuhai means that their arms are connected and able to stretch or retract freely, but it is also said that they are actually using some kind of tool to just make it look like their arms are stretching instead.
河童バザー The Kappa Bazaar
 定期的に河童がバザーを開いている。ここでは予算集め目的で、自慢の品を販売している。 The kappa also hold bazaars periodically. There, they sell their prized works in order to put together a budget.
 貴重な河童の道具を手に入れる数少ないチャンスなのだが、他の妖怪もバザーに集結する為、人間が近づくのは難しい。 Although this is one of the rare opportunities to procure valuable kappa tools, it is difficult for humans to approach because other youkai also gather at the bazaar.
 しかし、危険を承知で行ってみる価値はある。何が売られているのかは判らないが、探し出している時間は至福である(*1)。 However, there is value in going despite acknowledging the danger. While no one knows what they might be selling, the time spent searching is joyful, indeed(*1).
河童の道具一覧 A Summary of Kappa Tools
 写真機 …… 風景を紙に写し取る道具である。原理は不明。真ん中の人間の魂が吸い取られる。 Photography Device: A tool that copies scenery onto paper. It is unknown how it works. It absorbs the souls of any humans in the center of the frame.[3]
 電話機 …… 遠く離れた場所へ声を送る道具である。原理は不明。たまに霊魂の声を拾う。 Telephone Device: A tool that sends voices to faraway places. It is unknown how it works. It sometimes picks up the voices of phantoms and spirits.
 計算機 …… 文章の記録だけで無く、計算したり出来る手帳。原理は不明。たまに固まる。 Calculating Device: A notebook that can not only be used for writing documents, but can also do calculations. It is unknown how it works. It sometimes freezes up.
 掃除機 …… 自動的に掃除してくれる道具。原理は不明。吸い込んだ物は何処に行くのだろうか。 Vacuuming Device: A tool that automatically cleans. It is unknown how it works. It is a mystery as to where the things it inhales go.
 尻子器 …… 尻子玉を綺麗に取り出せる道具。要らない。 Shiriko Device: A tool for cleanly extracting shirikodama. Unnecessary.[4]
対策 Countermeasures
 近づくと川に引きずり込まれて尻子玉を抜かれる。尻子玉を抜かれると人間は死ぬ。凶暴で残忍な部分があるので注意しよう。 If you get too close, she'll pull you into the river and remove your shirikodama. Humans that have their shirikodama removed die. That is a ferocious, brutal part of her so you should be careful.
 通背を使った道具も手出しできない理由の一つだ。離れた川端を歩いていても、足を捕まえられるのはこの通背が原因だ。想像以上に伸びるので川に近づく時は注意しよう。 The tsuuhai tool is another reason why you should not bother her. It is the reason why she is able to grab the legs of people even if they are walking some distance away from the river. It can extend further than you think, so be careful when near the river.
 また胡瓜が好物なので、それを渡せば解放して貰える事も多い。 Although, since she loves cucumbers she'll usually let you go if you give her one.
*1 そして、手に入れた道具の使い方も手探りである。 1: And then you fumble with it trying to figure out how to use it.


  1. A "water trick" (水芸) is a classical show trick using water, sometimes performed on stages.
  2. Tsuuhai refers to the monkey in the Chinese legend "Tsuuhai Enkou" (Mandarin: 通臂猿猴 tōng bì yuán hóu), a monkey that has its arms connected inside its body and can stretch out one arm while retracting its other
  3. The idea is broadly seen as the particular idea of people in the one-third part of Meiji era, when Gensoukyou was separated from the factual world; people came gradually to have occasion of seeing high technology like watches or cameras, and later to spread the rumor for the fear. So this superstition reminds us of the history of Gensoukyou and the still conservative view of technology.
  4. According to Japanese forklore, Shirikodama is a mythical ball in the anus that kappas like to eat.
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