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Deified Human of the Wind

東風谷 早苗 Kochiya Sanae

Sanae Kochiya

能力        奇跡を起こす程度の能力

Ability: The ability to cause miracles

危険度       低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度    高

Human friendship level: High

主な活動場所   守矢神社等

Main place of activity: Moriya Shrine, etc.


A human being who came from the outside world, and is one of the incredibly few that have become accustomed to life in Gensokyo. Although called a human being, she is actually a god as well. One that attains godhood while remaining a human is called a "living god" (Arahitogami). So, including Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya, there are a total of three gods residing at the Moriya Shrine.


Those to be called divine spirits grow their power through gathering faith, but there are no humans that hold faith in her as far as I know. As such, it is thought that her power as a god is faint.(*1)


Her role at the Moriya Shrine seems to be gathering faith in the human village through advertisement. People wouldn't be terribly wary towards a fellow human, and she would gain considerable popularity if she did miracles(*2) in public.


Her personality is a lot like an ordinary human, but sometimes she can seem slightly peculiar as well. Maybe it's because she's a human being from the outer world. She is dumb, and her senses are a little different from that of the humans in Gensokyo.


The Foreigner


Human beings from the outside world mostly end up getting eaten by a youkai or make their way back to the outside world.


However, examples of humans like her who come in to Gensokyo by their own will and settle down here are rare. Moreover, she is a preciously rare human being that is adjusting to Gensokyo.


Unfortunately, she lacks in knowledge about the outside world(*3). No one has been able to learn about any newer technology or gain any new information about the outside world from her.


Her Miracles


The ability to create miracles is often confused with fortune. Miracles are ultimately the culmination of chance, and the result is not limited to being wholly positive or negative. It has no relation to good luck or bad luck.


Recently there have been miracles such as frogs and tadpoles falling from the sky(*4), but that is also not particularly good fortune.


It is said that in order to cause a miracle she needs a long preparation time (for spell casting). The length of preparation differs depending on the magnitude of the miracle. She can cause a simple one with a single word, but to cause a cataclysmic-level miracle she requires several days of continuous casting. That does not seem to be a practical length of time to humans.




She is a human, so there is no need.


Although she isn't a dangerous human, it probably isn't the best idea to have blind faith in her.

*1 守矢神社への信仰を山分けしているのかも知れない。

1: It is perhaps the result of dividing the faith given to the Moriya Shrine.

*2 手品レベルの奇跡。

2: Miracles on the level of magic tricks.

*3 彼女曰く「みんなこんなもんだってば」。

3: According to her, "I'm telling you, everyone's like this."

*4 ファフロツキーズの奇跡。

4: The miraculous act of raining animals.

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