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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Soga no Tojiko

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Pages 59-61
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神の末裔の亡霊 Ghost of the Children of the Gods
蘇我 屠自古 Soga no Toziko Soga no Tojiko
能力        雷を起こす程度の能力 Ability: The ability to cause thunder
危険度      極高 Threat level: Very high
人間友好度   低 Human friendship level: Low
主な活動場所  不明 Main place of activity: Unknown
 古代人の亡霊である。人間に対する怨みを持っており、性質はいわゆる怨霊である。 A ghost of an ancient person. As she carries a grudge against humans, her nature is that of a vengeful spirit.
 物部布都と共に豊聡耳神子に仕える従者であるが、神子と同じく尸解仙になった布都とは異なり、何故亡霊のままなのかというと、どうやら布都に嵌められたようだ。 She serves Toyosatomimi no Miko as a vassal along with Mononobe no Futo. However, unlike Futo who became a shikaisen along with Miko, Soga is still a ghost because she seems to have been set up by Futo.
 元々、布都と屠自古は仏教を巡る争いで敵同士だった。その争いは、結果的に屠自古の方に軍配が上がったのだが、布都の呼びかけにより陰で協力するようになる。その内容は「今の所は仏教に支配させて良いが、神子が後の権力者として復活した時に、二人で参謀として復活しよう」という物だった。 Futo and Tojiko were originally mutual enemies from the struggle over Buddhism. Tojiko's side won in the end, but it seems she had agreed to Futo's appeal to work together in secret. Futo's idea was "We'll let Buddhism rule for now, but after Miko revives as an authority figure, we will both revive as her officers."
 彼女が苟且の体に使った物体(*1)は壺だった。その物体は長期に亘り朽ち果てない物が望ましかったのだが、布都は焼かれていない壺とすり替えたのだ。屠自古の魂が宿った後、壺はあっさりと溶け崩れてしまった。それにより彼女は肉体を持てず、亡霊となってしまったのだ。 She used a jar for her temporary body.(*1) Although she would have preferred it to be something that would not decay for a long time, Futo switched it with an unfired jar. After Tojiko moved her soul into it, it quickly eroded. Having lost any sort of physical body, she became a ghost.
 何故布都はそんな行動を取ったのかというと、やはり過去の争いで一族を滅亡させられた怨みを持っていたのだろう。亡霊になってすぐに騙された事に気が付いた様だが、実は肉体を持たない事が非常に快適であるという事にも気付き、今は亡霊である事を甘受している様である。 As for why Futo would do such a thing, it is likely because of the grudge she held after the struggle that led to the downfall of her family in the past. While it seems she realized she was tricked immediately after becoming a ghost, she also realized that not having a physical body is actually quite pleasant, and currently it appears that she has resigned to be a ghost.
 性格はガラが悪く、情に脆い。怒りっぽい面もある。怒ると文字通り雷が落ちるので、大変危険。 Her personality is ill-bred, yet tender-hearted. She also has a hot temper. When angered, she literally makes thunder fall, so she is very dangerous.
能力 Ability
 雷を落とすというのは、実は怨霊にありがちな能力である。怨霊とは怒りの塊でもあるのだが、激怒される事を「雷が落ちる」と言う様に怒りと雷には密着[1]な関係がある。 Making thunder fall is actually a common ability for vengeful spirits. Vengeful spirits are also clusters of anger, but as being reprimanded is also called "having the thunder strike"[2], anger and thunder have a very close connection.
 小さな怨霊は、精々ゴロゴロと音を鳴らす程度だが、怨みのレベルが上がるとバリバリと音を鳴らしたり、大怨霊になれば実際に雷を落とせる様になる。 For small vengeful spirits, they can only make a rumbling sound at most, but as their level of resentment increases they can make crackling sounds, and great vengeful spirits can actually cause thunder.
 彼女は自分の周りに雷を落とせるくらい、そこそこ格の高い怨霊の様だ。 She seems to be a fairly high class vengeful spirit, as she is able to make thunder fall.
対処法 Approach
 怨霊は人間にも妖怪にも危険な存在である。 Vengeful spirits are dangerous beings to both humans and youkai.
 対処法は近づかない事に尽きる。出会った場合は怒らせないようにしよう。 The way to deal with her is to do your utmost to never get close to her. If you do come across her, try not to cross her.
 幸い彼女の怨みはほぼ消えて、ただの雷が落とせる亡霊へと変化しつつある。刺激しない様に注意すれば問題は少ないだろう。 Fortunately, her grudge has almost dissipated, and she is turning into an mere thunder-causing ghost. If you take care not to provoke her, there should not be many problems.
 ちなみに馬鹿と雷は高い処が好き(*2)、という様に雷は高い処に落ちる。もし怒らせたのなら姿勢を低くしよう。 Incidentally, as idiots and thunder are said to love high places, thunder strikes high places(*2). If you happen to anger her, you should lower your stance.[3]
*1 詳細は布都の「尸解仙」の項目を参照。 1: See Futo's "shikaisen" entry for further details.
*2 出る杭は打たれる、も同じ。 2: Just like a nail that sticks up will be hammered down.[4]


  1. It should be a misprinting of "密接.
  2. A Japanese idiom for "being severely scolded by a superior/elder".
  3. A pun of a Japanese saying "idiots and smoke love high places" (馬鹿と煙は高い所が好き baka to kemuri wa takai tokoro ga suki, meaning "idiots love standing on a high place" or "people who get excited going to high ground look like idiots" or more generally "idiots love getting attention").
  4. A Japanese proverb "the nail that sticks up gets hammered down" (出る杭は打たれる deru kui wa utareru, meaning "something bad will happen when you draw attention to yourself").
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