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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Utsuho Reiuji

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Pages 117-119
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熱かい悩む神の火 Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame
霊烏路 空 Reiuzi Utuho Utsuho Reiuji
能力        核融合を操る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to manipulate nuclear fusion
危険度       不明 Threat level: Unknown
人間友好度    不明 Human friendship level: Unknown
主な活動場所   旧地獄の灼熱地獄跡 (間欠泉センターの最深部) Main place of activity: The Remains of Blazing Hell in Former Hell (Deepest Part of the Geyser Center)
 旧地獄の最深部に棲む地獄鴉である。旧地獄に棲む妖怪の殆どが廃墟になってから移り住んだ者だが、地獄鴉は元々の地獄の頃から棲んでいる、いわば先住民だそうだ。 A hell raven who inhabits the deepest part of Former Hell. Most of the youkai who inhabit Former Hell moved in when the place had turned to ruin. However, it appears that the hell ravens were there from the beginning, so they could be called "native inhabitants".
 最近になって一部が地上と繋がった事で、存在が確認された固有種(*1)である。地獄の闇から生まれた鳥で、これといって妖怪としての特徴は無い。 Due to the recently reestablished connection with the surface, the existence of this indigenous species(*1) has been confirmed. A bird born from the darkness of hell, it does not have a youkai's specific characteristics.
 しかし、彼女はその中でも特殊な存在である。彼女はとある神霊を身体に宿しているのだ。神霊を宿すというのは、要は動く分社になったみたいなもんである。普通の人間や妖怪にはそのような芸当は難しい。無個性で無名、それでいて自我に無執着であり全てを受け入れる包容力が必要である。そして成りきってしまう努力も必要だ。一番簡単なのは頭の中が空っぽである事だろう。 But she is a unique specimen even among them. She possesses a certain divine spirit within her body. Possessing a divine spirit means becoming like a walking branch shrine[1]. It is a difficult feat for both normal humans and youkai. It could be only done by one with no personality, name or attachments, as well as being broad-minded enough to accept anything. A lot of effort is also necessary. The easiest way would be to have a completely empty head.
 彼女は異様な姿をしている。存在が胡乱な『分解の足』、重そうな見た目の『融合の足』、腕には大砲のような物を嵌めているがこれは足であるらしい『第三の足』、胸には真っ赤な『赤の目』といった不思議な姿をしているが、これは全て彼女に宿された神霊、八咫烏の影響である。 She has an unusual appearance. She has a "Leg of Fission", the existence of which is suspicious, a "Leg of Fusion", which looks quite heavy, and a cannon-like object on her arm which is surprisingly a "Third Leg". She also has a bright red "Red Eye" on her chest. Her strange form is entirely due to the effects of the Yatagarasu which resides within her.
 地上に出てくる事も、人間と接触する事も少ないので性格は不明である。 She doesn't come to the surface or interact with humans much so her personality is unclear.
 判っているのは頭の中が空っぽであるという事くらいである。 What can be confirmed with certainty is that the inside of her head is empty.
八咫烏 The Yatagarasu
 彼女に宿された八咫烏という神霊は、古事記にも登場する程の格の高い神霊である。 The divine spirit residing inside of her, the Yatagarasu, is a divine spirit of high status that could have even appeared in the Kojiki.
 八咫烏は太陽に棲む鴉だと言われる。肉眼では厳しいが、実は地上からその姿を観測する事が出来る。太陽の黒点と呼ばれている物が八咫烏の御姿である。約十一年に一度力が増して、数多く見えると言われている。 It is said that the Yatagarasu is a raven that lives within the sun. While this is very difficult for the eyes of humans, it's possible to see its form from Earth. What are commonly referred to as 'sunspots' are actually the noble figure of the Yatagarasu. Approximately once every 11 years its power grows, and it is said that sunspots can be seen in great numbers at that time.
 この神様の力は太陽の力、神の火である。それがそのまま彼女の力になっている。 This god's power is the power of the sun, a divine flame. It is this power that has become hers.
 神の火は超高温な上、放って置いても燃え続ける為、制御する事が非常に難しい。彼女の力は神の火を出すと言うよりは、どちらかというと制御する事に費やされている様である。 The temperature of the divine flame is extremely high, so it will continue to burn even if left alone. This makes it extremely difficult to control. Apparently it requires much less power to release the divine flame than it does to control it.
 この神霊を宿す事になった理由は、八坂神奈子にあるらしい。 She came to be a vessel for this divine spirit through the doings of Kanako Yasaka.
 太陽というこれ以上無い神々しさと格を備えているのに、嫌われ者ばかりが棲む旧地獄に分霊を行かされた八咫烏は、今何を思っているのだろうか。 I wonder what the Yatagarasu, who holds the status of supreme divinity of the sun, thinks of its spirit being divided and sent to live among the hated in Former Hell.
対策 Countermeasures
 危険なのかどうかすら不明である。 It is not certain whether or not she is dangerous.
 地上に出てくる事は余りないが、地下にこういう妖怪が居る事だけは覚えておこう。 While she doesn't come above ground very often, it's at least worth remembering that such youkai exist below the earth.
 ちなみにこの妖怪のお陰で温泉が湧いている様である。恩恵に与っておこう。 By the way, thanks to this youkai, a hot spring has appeared. We should take the time to enjoy this blessing.
*1 隔離された特定の環境で発生し、そこでしか見られない動物、妖怪等。 1: Animals and youkai which could only have appeared in and are limited to a specific isolated environment.
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  1. 'Branch shrine' has a meaning akin to 'bank branch which is given the franchise'.