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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Yuugi Hoshiguma

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Pages 120-122
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語られる怪力乱神 The Spoken-of Unexplainable Phenomena[1]
星熊 勇儀 Hoshiguma Yugi Yuugi Hoshiguma
能力        怪力乱神を持つ程度の能力 Ability: The ability to wield unexplainable phenomena
危険度       極高 Threat level: Very High
人間友好度    不明 Human friendship level: Unknown
主な活動場所   旧地獄 Main place of activity: Former Hell
 泣く子も黙る鬼である。鬼の行方はようとして知れなかったが、その中の一人が旧地獄に棲んでいる事が判明した。恐らく他にも旧地獄に棲んでいる鬼が居ると思われる。鬼は仲間意識はあるのに独立独歩の精神が強く、仲間が何処に居るのかを知らないらしい。 An oni who silences crying children[2]. While it's unknown where all the oni went, it's been confirmed that at least one lives in Former Hell. It's quite likely that there are other oni living in Former Hell as well. While oni have a strong sense of camaraderie, they have an even stronger sense of independence so it seems she doesn't know where the others live.
 彼女は異常な程の怪力を持つと言われる。同じ鬼である伊吹萃香は「自分よりも呪術的な力は弱いが、肉体を使った力は強いかも(*1)」と言っている。実際、どの位怪力なのかは伝聞でしか無いが、足を踏みならすだけで近くの建物が倒壊する程だと言われている。 It is said that she possesses unbelievably supernatural strength. According to fellow oni Suika Ibuki, "She's weaker than me in magical powers, but might be stronger than me physically."(*1) Although this is just a rumor, it is said that her superhuman strength is of the level where her footsteps alone are enough to make nearby buildings collapse.
 彼女の持っている杯は星熊盃(ほしぐまはい)と呼ばれ、注がれたお酒のランクを上げる(*2)鬼の名品だそうだ。伊吹萃香の持つ伊吹瓢との相性は非常に良い。 The sake dish she carries is said to be called the Hoshiguma Dish, an oni masterwork that increases the quality of any sake poured into it(*2). Its compatibility with the Ibuki Gourd carried by Suika Ibuki is extremely high.
 現在は人間との接触を断っているようだ。それどころか、地上の妖怪とも出来るだけ接触しないようにしているそうである。その為、情報は少ない。 Currently, it seems she has cut off all contact with humans. Moreover, she tries to limit contact with the youkai on the surface as much as possible. For these reasons, there is little information on her.
 剛毅で竹を割ったような性格である。力強い者、勇気ある者、正直な者が好みで、反対の虚弱な者、臆病な者、狡猾な者には容赦しないようだ。 Regarding her personality, she is firm of character and straightforward. She likes the strong, the brave and the honest, while conversely shows no mercy towards the weak, the cowardly and the sly.
旧地獄に留まる理由 Reason for Remaining in Former Hell
 旧地獄の中に、大きな都市があるという。地獄だった頃に働いていた鬼達が暮していた場所で、そこだけは亡者達が立ち入る事の出来ない場所だった。 There is said to be a large city within Former Hell. At the time when it was still a part of Hell, it was where the working oni lived, and was the only place which was off-limits to the dead.
 地獄が経費削減の為のスリム化を行い、その時この地底が切り捨てられた。 To reduce costs, Hell went through some streamlining, and the area was abandoned.
 廃墟となる筈だった地獄だが、そこに目を付けた一部の妖怪達が勝手に占拠したのが今の旧地獄である。ここは地上よりも無秩序だ。荒くれ者達、特に人間から嫌われる者達が好んで移り住んだ。 Even though it had fallen into ruin, some youkai took a liking to it and willfully occupied what is now known as Former Hell. This place is more chaotic than the surface. Ruffians, particularly those hated by humans, gladly settled down there.
 幻想郷が隔離されて妖怪同士のルールが出来た時も、旧地獄に棲む妖怪達は従わなかった。最近になって、仕方が無く双方不可侵という約束が交わされていた事が判明した。 As Gensokyo became isolated and the youkai established rules amongst themselves, the youkai inhabitants of Former Hell chose not to follow them. However it's been recently confirmed that an inevitable non-aggression pact has been negotiated.
 人間との接触に楽しみを見出せなくなっていた彼女は、荒くれ者の多い旧地獄に移り住んだ。ここは力でねじ伏せる事が許されているので居心地が良いという話である。しかし、最近地下に潜入した人間の事が気に入った様子(伊吹萃香談)で、また一波乱あるのかも知れない。 When she realized she wasn't enjoying interacting with humans, she decided to take up residence in Former Hell, where rough and wild companions were plentiful. Apparently, she feels at home in a place where "might makes right" is allowed. However, her curiosity about the recent human invaders (Suika Ibuki's stories) may become a source of trouble.
対策 Countermeasures
 戦うという選択肢は無い。 Fighting her is not a option.
 臆病な人間は嫌われるようである。嫌われないようにしたいところだが、鬼の前で気丈に振る舞うのは人間のみならず妖怪でも難しいだろう。 She despises timidity in humans. While you may want to avoid being despised, it's difficult for both humans and youkai alike to stand firm in front of an oni.
 尤も、好かれたとしても酒の付き合いだとか、腕っ節比べだとかをお願いされるようなので、それも迷惑である。好かれもせず嫌われもせず、最初から無視されるように振舞おう。 However, if she takes a liking to you, you'll probably be asked to drink together or partake in tests of strength, which is also quite troublesome. Instead of worrying about being liked or hated, it's best to act in such a way that you'll be ignored from the beginning.
*1「酒は比べものにならない(自分の方が強い)けどねー」とも言っていた。 1: She also said "But when it comes to drinking, there's no comparison (I'm definitely stronger)."
*2 注がれた瞬間に純米大吟醸となるが、時間と共に劣化するという。急いで呑まないと損をする盃であるが……一升入る大盃である。 2: The moment sake is poured into it, it turns that sake into one of the highest quality[3], but it will then deteriorate over time. While you would only be doing yourself a disservice to not drink it all quickly... it is quite a large dish.


  1. Anomalies, strength, disorder, and spirits (怪力乱神 kai-ryoku-ran-shin) is a metaphor for unexplainable phenomena that originates from the Analects of Confucius, where one of his disciples said "the Master never talked of anomalies, strength, disorder, or spirits." (子不語怪力亂神 shifugo-kairiki-ranshin)
  2. A Japanese idiom for "being mighty or fearsome"
  3. Jummai Daiginjou is the highest ranking in the ranks of nihonshu.
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