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The Outside World, at an Earth/Moon Lagrangian point

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TORIFUNE (トリフネ), sometimes referred to as Satellite TORIFUNE (衛星トリフネ) or the Torifune Ruins (鳥船遺跡), was a Japanese space station of the Outside World. TORIFUNE was designed as a self-contained ecosystem of hardy plants and animals, in order to gather data to be used for terraforming parts of Earth. Possibly due to its resemblance to Noah's Ark, the station was named after Ame-no-Torifune (a kami of ships) and a shrine to him was built inside.[1]

Control of the station was lost a few years before the events of Trojan Green Asteroid due to a mysterious computer bug, but an automated system moved it to rest safely at a Lagrangian point between the Earth and Moon. Since retrieving it would be difficult, and all life aboard was presumed dead, contact with the station has not been made since then. Critics said "Japan's engineers have spent a large sum of money just to make a ruin in space".

In truth, the station's interior has become an overgrown jungle, while some of its animal species have mutated into chimerae.