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Takane Yamashiro

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山城 (やましろ)  たかね
jamaɕiɾo takane
Takane Yamashiro
Takane Yamashiro
Takane Yamashiro in Unconnected Marketeers
Business Youkai of the Mountain's Recess
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Manipulating forest qi


Youkai Mountain

Music Themes
Official Games
"Pretty lucky for me to have found someone with cards on 'em this quick."
"Cards, eh...?
I guess you've been sniffing around for them after all.
These are too much for you puny little humans to handle!
Begone from our mountain!"
Marisa Kirisame and Takane Yamashiro (Unconnected Marketeers Stage 2)

Takane Yamashiro (山城 たかね Yamashiro Takane) is a yamawaro living amongst her kind on Youkai Mountain as a leader-esque figure. She acts as the Stage 2 midboss and boss in Unconnected Marketeers, and a 6th Market boss and main antagonist in 100th Black Market.

General Information


She is described as the natural leader of the yamawaro since she's "slightly more polite" than other members of her society, making her better at negotiating with outsiders.

She appears to be quite guarded around humans, and protective of the yamawaro hideout in general. She does soften quite considerably when engaging in business, however.


Her ability is that of "manipulating forest qi" ( (kanji), sometimes romanized as ch'i). The concept of qi is found in many east-asian cultures and traditional practices, and most notably Chinese philosophy. It's described as a "life force" which binds all things within nature together. The exact details of her ability are not exactly shown in Unconnected Marketeers, though one can speculate that being able to manipulate the "life force of the forest" would be advantageous to the mountain-dwelling yamawaro, especially given that she is their apparent leader.

Character Design


Takane is based on the Yamawaro, Yōkai that are said to be Kappa who migrate into the mountains.


Her full name is Takane Yamashiro (山城 たかね). Yamashiro (山城) is written with characters meaning "mountain" () and "castle" ().
Takane is written in hiragana, but it can be interpreted as 高嶺 "high peak" and, possibly, 高値 "high price", playing into her businessperson motif.

Her name resembles that of Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり).


Takane wears green camo clothing with brown boots and has green wavy hair. She has many pockets along her upper arm and the hem of her dress. A large brown box is strapped onto her back using rope held together by a key in the front. In Unconnected Marketeers she also holds three cards. Her clothing is similar to Nitori Kawashiro's clothing.


Takane's sprite in UM


Unconnected Marketeers

Since all four protagonists of Unconnected Marketeers are humans, Takane attempts to shoo them off of Youkai Mountain by insisting humans can't handle the "power" of the cards. Once defeated, however, she seems amiable to bartering for the cards or information on where they might have come from, directing the protagonist to the Rainbow Dragon Cave.


100th Black Market

Takane returns in 100th Black Market as a hidden boss in the 6th Market. After defeating Chimata Tenkyuu, it's revealed that Takane and her fellow yamawaro are responsible for running and maintaining the black market. Eventually Marisa Kirisame confronts and defeats her, though she ultimately agrees to let the black market continue for a little longer so she has a chance to collect the remaining cards.



The kappa and yamawaro are said to have a "healthy rivalry," with both of their respective niches and industrial pursuits being complementary to one another, despite their mutual teasing and jeering. They live in a balanced relationship where the technology of the kappa and the business sense of the yamawaro work well enough together for them to not escalate their rivalry into true hostilities.

Moriya Shrine

During the events of Unconnected Marketeers, Takane mentions to Sanae Kochiya that the yamawaro had helped the Moriya Shrine set up their cable-car during the events of Wild and Horned Hermit, and generally considers the shrine to be allies of the yamawaro. However, she does appear to be suspicious of Sanae, coveting the cards and fearful of them being confiscated or misused by humans in general.

Marisa Kirisame

After defeating her in 100th Black Market, Marisa strikes a deal with Takane on keeping the black market open for a little longer.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
森符「木隠れの技術」 Forest Sign "Tree-Veiling Technology" UM St. 2: E/N
森符「極・木隠れの技術」 Forest Sign "Extreme Tree-Veiling Technology" UM St. 2: H
森符「真・木隠れの技術」 Forest Sign "True Tree-Veiling Technology" UM St. 2: L
森符「最奥の森域」 Forest Sign "Innermost Forest Region" UM St. 2: E/N
森符「極・最奥の森域」 Forest Sign "Extreme Innermost Forest Region" UM St. 2: H
森符「真・最奥の森域」 Forest Sign "True Innermost Forest Region" UM St. 2: L
葉技「グリーンスパイラル」 Leaf Skill "Green Spiral" UM St. 2: E/N
葉技「グリーンサイクロン」 Leaf Skill "Green Cyclone" UM St. 2: H
葉技「グリーントルネード」 Leaf Skill "Green Tornado" UM St. 2: L
弾貨「バレットマネーグラット」 Bullet Money "Bullet Money Glut" 100BM 6th Market
葉技「スーパーグリーンスパイラル」 Leaf Skill "Super Green Spiral" 100BM 6th Market
「ブラックマーケットの万華鏡」 "Black Market Kaleidoscope" 100BM 6th Market

Additional Information

  • The Yamawaro first appeared in a chapter of Wild and Horned Hermit. This is one of the few times the characters of a species was introduced in a mainline game after their species was already introduced.


Official Profiles

Unconnected Marketeers trial - omake.txt
Takane Yamashiro  ○2面ボス 


  山城 たかね(やましろ たかね)
  Yamashiro Takane






Stage 2 Boss

Business Youkai of the Mountain's Recess

Takane Yamashiro

Species: Yamawaro
Ability: Capable of manipulating forest qi

One of numerous humanoid youkai who live in the mountains. Their inherent nature as a youkai resembles that of the kappa.
They build hide-outs in the depths of the Youkai Mountain, within which they live a communal lifestyle.

They're specialists at living in forests and are quite technologically advanced.
In spite of being forest-dwellers, they're making progress in economic research, and have built a complicated system of currency.

They have a healthy rivalry with the kappa, and the two groups call each other things like "you lousy river-dwelling amphibians" and "you stinking forest monkeys".
The kappa wouldn't be able to complete their machines without the yamawaro, and the yamawaro's businesses would wither away unused without the kappa's manufacturing.
The two groups are dependent on each other, both in technology and in business.

Takane is a leader-esque presence amongst the yamawaro.
As for why? People say it's because she speaks just a tiny bit more politely than others of her kind.

Official Sources

Official sources