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What little information I can find on this EP is all in Japanese or Chinese. It appears that it was given away at C85 to buyers of the newly-released "Dead Silence" album on a first come, first serve basis. ("コミックマーケット85会場にて「DEAD SILENCE」先着購入特典CD," it says.) It doesn't have a cover picture on Shinigiwa Satellite's discography page, and doesn't credit an artist, so I'm guessing it didn't come with liner notes. The discography page doesn't list vocalists, but I'm guessing by the titles that it contains previously recorded songs redone with different vocalists. And somehow, voice acting is involved. This is all a lot of speculation and Google Translating, so I didn't include any of it in the article. Ps (talk) 00:13, 24 October 2014 (UTC)