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It's odd that Aya says "Ever since I grew wings, I've never flown that slowly before."

Does she mean she was born without wings? Is a crow tengu different from a crow youkai? If so then maybe the first one starts life as a youkai and the other starts as an animal which can then become a youkai? Is it a mistranslation? Is it just an expression like if I said "I've been doing _ my whole life" (even if I wasn't literally born doing whatever it may be)?

What she says is "I haven't flown that slowly since (my) feathers grew." Probably it's just a figure of speech. It's not like Aya uses wings to fly (or even seems to have them), anyway. In any case, the current translation is a tad clumsy, IMO. -- 14:23, 1 March 2007 (PST)