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On post-Extra Bosses[edit]

(This is my first edit here; please don't eat me.)

While Perfect Cherry Blossom Yakumo Yukari is the only boss in Touhou given the title "Phantasm", it strikes me that there are at least a couple of other bosses that meet the criterion of "boss of a mode reachable only after completing the Extra stage". I'm thinking here of Yakumo Yukari's Last Word "Profound Danmaku Barrier -Phantasm, Foam and Shadow-" in Imperishable Night and Hakurei Reimu's position as final boss of Eiki's Extra scenario in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, though there may be others I'm unaware of in the games I have not played.

On Imperishable Night Yukari: Last Word Spell Cards appear to be considered higher-ranked than the Extra mode (Full Moon vs. Zenith), and to reach the final Last Word one must face all other Last Words (thus, making Yukari a "boss" of sorts) and, by implication, complete all their prerequisites (which include clearing Extra, thanks to #212, #214 and #219).

On Phantasmagoria of Flower View Reimu: While Eiki's Extra isn't necessarily any harder than Komachi's, her Extra mode still requires completion of Komachi's Extra to unlock, placing it in the same class of unlockable as Perfect Cherry Blossom Phantasm and the aforementioned parts of Imperishable Night Last Word.

While obviously these are not named Phantasm Bosses and referring to them as such would be fanon, I do wonder if they don't merit a mention as analogous post-Extra bosses. Is it worthwhile to add a mention of one or both of them to the Phantasm section, or even to generalise that section to cover post-Extra bosses in general? Magic9mushroom (talk) 08:13, 16 December 2015 (UTC)