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Comics by Release[edit]

Might it be a good idea for #Y of [[X#Y|Z]] to be used for every entry here? It's left out under Gaku-able for reasons of convenience since it's often wiped clean, but this is the archive. Doujin groups with initially one entry are unlikely to, well, be at one entry for life. --Trefle 00:04, 29 August 2007 (PDT) —Preceding non-UTC comment added 07:03, August 29, 2007 (UTC)

Right, noted. --Ruka —Preceding undated comment added 11:39, August 29, 2007 (UTC)

File Names[edit]

It might be a good idea to change the format a little. Looking through the folder I've been saving the comics in, I notice that works by circles like "Rocket Fuel 21" and "Tohonifun," where the titles don't correspond to the order the books are in (i.e Tohonifun's ongoing Yukari Vs. Ran series, "Unknown", "World", "Future", "Understanding", "Destruction"), are completely mixed up when alphabetized. I think it would work better to name the archives by Circle Name/Author-Date of Publish(Year Month Day)-Title, so that the files line up when saved the same way they were published and are listed in the wiki. Oreng3 06:38, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

Or maybe just use a different file naming system for comics in a series, like adding "# in series" somewhere before the title. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Yggdrasil325 (talkcontribs) 04:56, May 31, 2009 (UTC)

404 not found error[edit]

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