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Talk:Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Strategy

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For the spell cards, I was thinking you should stick up a link to the specific one before laying out the advice.

Bomb weirdness on stage 6?

Haven't you ever seen it? If you bomb too early on stage 6, only one side of the enemies bothers to appear.

I have never seen this take place, ever. Although, it's possible that you might have uncovered a noted bug that we can list in the Miscellaneous page. Please give me more details on this event, starting with the exact timing you're using ("too early" is not very helpful), which character you're using, how often it occurs... A replay of this would also be helpful in figuring out whether it's a common enough bug to actually list in a Strategy article. --Leviathean 15:18, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

I'd put up a replay, except apparently you can't save practices in EoSD. Basically, take MarisaB and arrange to have Master Spark on the screen when the fairies start to come in. It's not regular, but occasionally some of them don't show up. It's most noticeable in the last batch. J5983 15:50, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Okay, I did some testing on my own with your bug conditions, and managed to reproduce your results. Also, I am making some startling theories about the nature of this bug:
  • Only Marisa-B's bomb can cause this bug. (I am guessing this since I tested it with the other character's bombs, to no avail, in Stage 6)
  • It is the ferocious shaking-of-the-screen of Master Spark that causes this bug. (I am guessing this because it is the only notable difference between Marisa-B's bomb and the other bombs, which hardly shake at all. Also, the main time that enemies start to not appear is when the shaking is at it's maximum. Also, from a programming standpoint, it seems to make sense.)
  • Most enemies throughout the entire game that come in from the right edge of the screen are affected by this bug. (I recreated this bug in Stage 4 several times throughout the stage with those fast-flying-formation fluffballs--again, only the right-edge enemies were affected. I'm guessing that this holds true in other stages as well. I wasn't able to make this happen for the side-appearing fairies before the midboss in Stage 5 though... I wonder why?)
So there we have it. Now we have to ask, "Where does this information go?" First of all, it's definitely a bug, so I'll list it in the EoSD's Miscellaneous section once this discussion is finished. As for Strategy... since your advice on "not to use your bomb early" really only pertains to Marisa-B, I would leave it out of the general Stage Strategy section, and refer to it in a seperate place. Now that I think about it, it should go just fine inside your "Master Spark" section. Your opinions? --Leviathean 18:33, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Sounds good, go for it. -J5983 18:40, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Bonus enemies tied to music?

It's not timed on the music directly, but how the music would play if the game was never paused. An ideal scenario. I can't think of another explanation for the 3-5 second pauses you see sometimes after beating a midboss, or just before a boss. - J5983 22:26, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Even if the game were never paused, the midboss battles in Stages 1 and 5 can go on much longer than if it were really timed to the music. The endboss can appear at different times in the music even without pausing. For example, Rumia on Hard has a Spell Card in her appearence, while on Normal, she doesn't. By the time you reach the endboss (which is still Rumia), the music timing comparison can be very off due to milking the Hard version. In stage 5, where I've had a lot of practice, spending more than about 45 seconds against Sakuya in both forms will result in zero bonus enemies, and will immediately start the final waves. However, you can spend up to about 65 seconds on Sakuya, which means that you can face the final wave at very different times in the music, without pausing. --Leviathean 17:58, 17 Aug 2005 (PDT)