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Are FOE:s really such a new phenomenon? Moedan from 2005 features these creatures as generic enemies. [See picture]

I had always thought that they were evolved from the white, round ghostlike enemies seen in Touhou 2, 4 and 5 for the PC-98. (They are not that similar, so that might be a coincidence though.) TOUHOU-Tyle 06:47, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

It may be falut, but I think what you call FOE is a hairball (Kedama, 毛玉). You can see it in the stage of, for example, Partchouli and Prismriver Sister. It looks like a white sun or spike ball. They are non-official, but Touhou fans acknowledged its existance and character, and believed since the release of PMiSS that the hairball stands under the fairy in hierarchy of Gensoukyou, because they are tha same as the weak character but fairy is more pretty than hairball.
So hairball has been loved by many Touhou fans even before IOSYS released the CD of Touhou first. For example, at Touhou Fantasy Board there are Propose to Touhou Character threads, where Anonymus people are proposing in thier way to a Touhou character. I have seen quite long ago someone proposing to a hairball. Another instance, these days a Touhou fan like to call his/herself a nameless fairy, like an existance who wants to appear in the world of Touhou but don't have a power to influence the world. Many of them at once called themselves hairballs many times. The last instance, This is the site "Starship of Takopareran". The administrator of it is the very strong lover to the pair of Lily White and Hairball, We can see the picture of them at least of 2005.
Anyway, this is the situation among Japanese fan. Perhaps it would be different from that among other people.