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I wondered if it would be useful to convert the manual into article form, similar to other articles? I figured as the manual was in sections, putting it into sections means that you can access each chapter in the manual more easily? I wanted to ask because obviously Meronpan put so much work into completing this! Also, I wasn't sure where to discuss this, so sorry if I am in the wrong place.--SuwakoMoriyaChan

Old discussion[edit]

Well, wish I had noticed there was already a translation of the back story. Oh well ^^; For now I'll just leave my version up and continue on...--Meronpan 02:11, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Some things I wasn't so sure about...[edit]

Some areas from my previous edit that I wasn't too sure about:

昇天蹴 - No idea what a good translation would be for this. Are there conventions for names of special moves? Since I couldn't come up with anything cool I just used the romaji to refer to the move.

怒首領蜂 - I just kinda guessed at the translation since the first part was "angry," the middle was "boss/leader/chief" and the last character meant "hornet". ...but "angry hornet queen" sounds awkward and totally random. Reference to the game or just random imagery? Also that paragraph about the game... I'm not sure I captured what ZUN was saying...

当然改変したの配るなんてもってのほかだぞぅ。 - I'm sure no one cares, but I was really struggling to figure out what this sentence in the copyright section was about. The way I saw it... 改変 is to transform/change, adding shita means "transformed/changed", "no" nominalizes it so that whole thing becomes the object of 配る so that part of the sentence becomes, "handing out changed things". So far the only thing that comes to mind is what I went with for the translation - distribution of patches. Well, but maybe it meant fan works? This is assuming もって is 以って not 持って (well, but I'm so lost I don't know if either makes sense).

クレP - Japanese internet speak? I had no clue on this, made a wild guess (クレ short for クレージー, crazy??). Figured it didn't matter since it was a translation of a sample comment to send as feedback ^^;; But if someone knows for sure, would prefer it be 100% correct :P

...I'm sure there were a few other areas I wasn't positive about but overall I'm pretty happy.--Meronpan 02:26, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

If "Hadouken" is acceptable, then pretty much any other Japanese attack name should be.

The "angry hornet" is probably referring to Hibachi, the final boss in the DoDonPachi games.

NForza 06:28, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Ah thanks for the input (and also for proofreading that whole thing). Super minor thing but the reason I romanized ZUN's name Jyun'ya was because that allows you to distinguish the proper reading じゅんや from the incorrect じゅにゃ (which is technically how you could read the current romaji). I was following the same convention as on the ZUN page (and many varients of Hepburn romanization) but whatever we go with should probably be changed in both places. Obviously I am biased towards using the apostraphe for clarity but I'll leave that to those who have been contributing longer than me (i.e. everyone ^^;).--Meronpan 06:57, 7 August 2009 (UTC)