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Are you sure it's Hourai that is always hanging herself? Because this comic specifically says the doll hanging herself is Shanghai.

I remember that comic and it made me a little unsure when I wrote that part of Hourai's description, but considering the only spell card Alice uses that has "hanged" in its name is the one for hourai (unless I missed one in another game) and considering (*edit* got rid of flash link so I can save this page without the spam filter going off) shows hourai being the one hanged, I went with that.

Ah...Okay. Eh, guess we'll never know unless we actually see what the dolls look like. Cause going by Wong's comics, it seems as if Hourai has a bonnet. You have to admit, that does differentiate the two.

I think I convinced him to include that touch, based on Haniwa and Herada's depictions. Canonically, IaMP has the two looking exactly the same in Alice's spellcards, but that's probably because they were lazy with the spritework. -7HS

It's from this spellcard.


In the majority touhou doujin I've read it tends to be pretty much always hourai that hangs herself, maybe that comic was a oneshot? because that's definately shanghai. shanghai usually has a bow compared with hourai's bonnet. :x - R

To confuse things even more, in IaMP, the doll in Alice's portrait, which appears to be Shanghai based on fanworks, is seen hanging herself. I'm curious, though, did official artwork ever differentiate between the two? They look the same in IaMP, but do they get different sprites in PCB? -- 14:09, 23 May 2007 (PDT)

Keep in mind I didn't start playing Touhou until after everything up to 9.5 StB was already out in full versions, so I'm looking back on all the accumulated info about the touhou world after the fact, along with all the fan-made meme that was already around before I got started in touhou. That can make it hard for me to tell what's a fan thing and what's official sometimes. Now as near as I can tell it's just a fan thing for Alice to even have a doll named Shanghai and a doll named Hourai. I know that they're both in her spell cards, I wrote most of the profile pages for both dolls and some of the spell card comments after all, but the thing is in the PCB spell cards for both Shanghai and Hourai there's more than one doll. In fact even on Easy her Curse "Eerily Luminous Shanghai Dolls" card brings out 3 Shanghai dolls. Is there something I missed, like maybe something ZUN said about Shanghai/Hourai that would indicate there's an actual -individual- doll with either of those names? It seems to me that it should be just as likely for fans to have picked up on her other spell cards and make fan comics of Alice with a doll named "Tibetan" or "London" or "Kyoto" since Shanghai appears to be a -type- of doll, not the proper name of the doll(s) used in that card. None of Alice's profiles seem to mention any doll by name (even when official art shows a doll accompanying her) and I can't find a mention of either one in any of the prologues describing Alice getting ready for the upcoming events that'll happen in whatever game it is. All that'll be said is that she makes dolls, or has dolls, or packed up her dolls in preparation for the battle to come. They're also not mentioned anywhere in Alice's Perfect Momento article.

I just added an image for Hourai. There's nothing that specifically says that's her though, but I think it is. It's because Hourai's first appearance in PCB had her called something like "Hanged Hourai Doll," and this is the only image of a hanging doll in IaMP. There's no mention of her hanging in IaMP though, but it's close enough I think. It's from the screen when Alice loses a match. I figured she might as well have some sort of image at least. -Redpanda

I think it'd be better if Hourai's image was a resized image of Fairy Maid 01:41, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Well, when Alice uses the Hourai Doll spellcard in IaMP, there's a tiny doll shooting the beam (both on the card and in battle). The doll (presumably Hourai) is wearing red and white instead of blue and white, and there's no bow. It would probably be better if we changed the profile image to that.yggdrasil325 20:09, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Hourai is a secondary character[edit]

In canon, the Hourai Doll is only a name of a spell card and not a character. This whole page needs to be rewritten.--Doncot (talk) 09:34, 5 September 2012 (EDT)