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This may be out of order: ghost_pair_06.jpg

If you look at ghost_pair_06.jpg and compare it to ghost_pair_05.jpg, it looks a little misplaced. Look at it again as see if it doesn't come before ghost_pair_02.jpg, and if the chapter orders don't need to be changed. (Where are the originals anyway?)

It's a joke. The implication is that the entire incident was Youmu's bad dream, but then Yuyuko brought her to the haunted house for real. -7HS

Ah. Makes sense now.

The originals are available on Ishikiriba's site (if you're having a hard time finding Ghost Pair, it starts here: お化けな二人). There, you can verify that the translated strips are indeed in the correct order. However, in the translation, #5 is mislabeled as Chapter Four (and #6, in particular, could use some grammar cleanup). --Winane 07:27, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Media:Yagokoroxx.jpg currently the only image in the "Ishikiriba" category, but the "Ishikiri" category has about 70 other images in it from the same section of the Ishikiriba page. Are they all loose images that should also be moved to Ishikiriba? -Redpanda