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I don't think these lines are in place:

"" Etymology of CAVED!!!! The word horu in Japanese means to dig, but also to have gay sex (or something). A meme started on 2ch where when someone wrote something that contained the phrase "horu," they would be summarily raped by EX-Keine. Horu got transmogrified to caved!!!!!!!! in English translations, and so you get "I got CAVED by EX-Keine!!!!!!!!" ""

Kimo Keine te iu na! >,<`

The explanation in Fun Facts is VERY CONFUSING, I actually found out the whole story in TV Tropes which had a better explanation; Someone posted in 2ch that he got dug/burrowed by EX-Keine, and in Japanese, the term in question was offensive and therefore changed to the english word CAVED, so his post ended up reading as "I got CAVED..." the Fun Facts explanation's last sentence sound like it's giving an example of how to use CAVED in a sentence <3

Etymology of CAVED!!!![edit]

I don't get that. Did it originate from the fact Ex-Keine's hitbox is large?