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Game Translation[edit]

Thanks for Kuil making this thread where I can go check the translations before the game has actually been patched :P (Read: This is where stuff is happening) --Wymar(⑨⑨) 20:53, 26 August 2013 (UTC)

Save Hacking[edit]

Let's talk about cheating. Of course you shouldn't do it yadda yadda I just want to know what I can and cannot do. Could come in useful for playtesting. --Wymar(⑨⑨) 21:00, 31 August 2013 (UTC) Note: saving a game while you have save files open is a stupid way to lose progress.

Updated with some Plus Disk stuff--Libra (talk) 15:31, 15 March 2020 (UTC)

Updated again with some of my own notes. -- Qazmlpok (talk) 17:11, 8 April 2020 (UTC)

Please keep in mind these are only for the DLsite PC version, the Steam version uses a completely different save format --Libra (talk) 18:44, 26 October 2021 (UTC)

C Files[edit]

These contain character data. C01 is Reimu, C02 is Marisa, etc., in the same order the characters are listed in-game.

  • Hexes 0x00 to 0x03 contain the level. That's bigger than the Disgaea level cap, which is saying something.
  • 0x04 ~ 0x0b contain the experience points. Setting 0x04 to anything other than 0 will make the game not show any exp, the same probably also happens if you set 0x05 too high.
  • 0x0c ~ 0x23 contain stat ranks, 4 bytes per stat. Setting the stat too high (like, say, setting the first byte to 0xff) causes an overflow and bad things like 0HP Reimu happen.
  • 0x24 ~ 0x43 contain affinity ranks. Apparently the game doesn't let you invest more than a certain amount (somewhere up to rank 255), but I guess quartering the received damage is fine too.
  • 0x44 ~ 0x5b are how many level-up bonuses you spent on each stat, 4 bytes per.
  • 0x5f is the character's current subclass. Setting it too high or low causes the game to crash if you try to check the character's status.
    • Value of 0 means no subclass. The first subclass, guardian, is value 100. All other subclasses go from there (**WINNER** is 122)
  • From 0x60 on are skill ranks, 2 bytes per skill. You can increase skills beyond their cap, and increase boost skills that usually aren't available to the character. Boost ranks above the maximum still work, but I don't know if the other skills are similarly affected.
    • The first 12 skills are "X boost", available to all characters, even if locked. The upgraded versions still use these slots
    • Skills 19 and 20 (1 indexed) are Motivated Heart and Hands-on Experience, which everyone has
    • The next 10 skill slots are for personal passive skills. Awakening skills appear immediate after "default" skills.
    • The last 10 slots are the character's spells. There will be a gap between these and the passive skills if the character doesn't have 10 passive skills. Again, awakening spells appear immediately after "default" spells.
  • 0xb0 and beyond are subclass skill ranks. Giving actual ranks to the 0 rank knowledge skills doesn't appear to do anything.
    • The first skill is always the mastery skill, at level 0. Subclass spells are immediately after the passive skills, with no gaps.
  • 0xD8 ~ 0xE3 are for used tomes of insight, which unlock the basic boost skills. There are 12, one byte each, and the value is always 0 or 1. If the character naturally knows the boost skill, the value is still 0.
  • 0xE4 ~ 0xEB are for the upgraded boosts. There are 8, one byte each. The value is always either 0 (basic boost), 2 (boost 2), or 3 (mega boost). Rinnosuke instead uses 0 (High boost) or 3 (Giga boost)
  • 0xed and 0xee have unspent skillpoints. Technically, so does 0xec and maybe 0xeb, but setting that to a non-zero number causes an overflow.
  • 0xf0 ~ 0xf3 are unspent level-up bonuses.
  • 0xF4 ~ 0x103 are stat boost gems used. These are 2 bytes each
  • 0x104 is the number of training manuals used.
  • 0x107 ~ 0x108 are BP. Maybe also some previous bytes, but doesn't seem likely (or even necessary. There's nothing that you would need thousands of BP for),
  • 0x109 ~ 0x110 are the character's equipment, 2 bytes per slot. 0x10a is the main equip, the rest is sub-equip.
    • Main equip has IDs between 1 and 60
    • Sub equip has IDs between 201 and 440

D Files[edit]

Just the maps of the areas that you have already explored. Since you'd already need to know the layout of the floor to uncover the rest of the map, at best you could probably just uncover solitary unexplored tiles without having to enter the dungeon proper.

  • The data folder contains similar files. MD and TD files contain the entire dungeon layout (and editing the latter actually changes where you can walk. Haven't tested the former yet). The OD files record the exploration progress on a save-spanning scale, which isn't lost when a saved game gets removed.

The Rest[edit]

  • EEF01 Contains the flags for found items.
    • 0x01 ~ 0x28: Main equip found (0 = no name given in item list)
    • 0xc9 ~ 0x12c: Sub equip found
    • Later values (starting at 0x321) are probably the same flags for materials and special items.
  • EEN01 has the amount of items in the inventory
    • Odd bytes from 0x03 to 0x51 are the amount of non-equipped main equipment. For some reason the even bytes do nothing.
    • Odd bytes from 0x193 to 0x259 are the amount of non-equipped sub equipment.
    • Odd bytes from 0x3eb to 0x489 are the amount of materials.
    • Odd bytes from 0x643 to 0x6b9 are the amount of special items.
      • Infinity Gems are located at 0x06BC~0x06BD. These can be exchanged for most other special items. The maximum value appears to be 200.
      • Jewels of Greater Awakening are located at 0x064C~0x064D. These can be used to awaken characters.
  • EVF01 has event flags
    • The following are the flags for the 3 deformed bosses. Set them from 2 to 1 to have the bosses reappear on a NG+ (though you'll also need to unrecruit Renko by setting the appropiate flag in PCF01 to 0, since the game automatically sets them to 2 if Renko's recruitment flag is checked).
      • Ax640: Shredding Amnisieri
      • Ex6A0: Aria-Singing Toruastory
      • 3x710: Staring Igmaruji
    • 0xb22 is the number of times you've beaten *WINNER*, it caps at C8 (200).
  • FOE01 has FOE respawn timers.
    • 0x14: Crysomallus
    • 0x1e: Lesser Golem
    • 0x28: 8-eyed Serpent (4F)
    • 0x3c: Siren of Silence.
  • PAC01 contains the flags for achievements that you have obtained but not checked yet. You'll recognize them on the achievement screen from the exclamation marks on them.
  • PAM01 has achievement flags. 0x2 = achievement gotten, 0x1 = achievement revealed, and 0x0 = achievement hidden.
  • PCF01 has character recruitment flags, starting with 0x01 for Reimu. No idea what that last 0x01 at 0x63 is supposed to be for. Set all the required flags for a New Game+.
  • PPC01 has the current party. 0x00 ~ 0x03 has the frontliners, the other 8 hexes are obviously the back row characters.
  • PKO01 has the entries for Keine's school?
  • PEX01 has miscellaneous game data.
    • 0x86 is the Hard mode flag. 0x01 sets game to Hard mode, any other value defaults to Normal mode.
    • 0x10 ~ 0x17 is party's current money.
    • 0x1c ~ 0x1f is the total amount of battles won.
    • 0x24 ~ 0x27 is the current play time in seconds.
    • 0xb0 ~ 0xb1 is the current Infinity Corridor floor.
  • SHD01 has save game data (changing most of these only affects the value shown in the save, the actual values remain unchanged).
    • 0x01 is the flag that tells the game whether there's an existing saved game.
    • 0x02 ~ 0x04 has the current play time in seconds.
    • 0x05 has the current dungeon progress.
    • 0x0a ~ 0x0d has the party's current amount of money.
    • 0x10 ~ 0x11 is the total amount of battles won
    • 0x12 has the current amount of characters.
    • 0x13 ~ 0x14 has the number of achievements obtained.