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Hi, if anyone watched the flash movie by Tetla Pot...

Anyone knows where the origin of that "Answer is 0 people" (colombia コロンビア) 2 hands up come from?

A student of some university, Kitahara, became the champion on a long-running TV programme "Panel Quiz Attack 25" on August 1st in 2006. But he wrote on his blog that he had cheated to get through the qualifying trial. That TV programme is the only audience-participating one, so he got attacked in some newspapers & on 2ch. Columbia means this: the last question was "What is the country in South America, lying on the boundary of land next to Panama, which is in Middle America?" and he was able to answer "Columbia!", then TV camera recorded his winning appearance with triumphal two arms behind the telop "A. Columbia". --Masuo64 15:28, 26 December 2008 (UTC)