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It looks like IaMP is the first time Alice was identified as living in the forest of magic. Is it safe to assume she MOVED there from makai where she was originally seen in MS, or has ZUN really rewritten her character (in regards to her origin and the questions of whether Shinki created her or not) so that she has always been living in the forest of magic? I noticed that makai and jigoku (both from TH01) seem to be basically the only major/semi-major locations that don't appear in perfect momento at all. Other characters have moved here and there during their lifetimes, but Alice seems to be the only character to move during the time frame that the series takes place in, I think. Everyone else might wander around but their residence is still in the same location as it was when they were first introduced.

Stage 1 of Mystic Square doesn't happen in Makai...

Nor does EX stage.


It says that the kanji for Makai can mean hell, but isn't the kanji meaning for Jigoku more like hell? Makai only means world of spirits, I think. Deathsoul4 03:14, October 4, 2010 (UTC)


Here are background pictures of the Extra Stage, Stage 5, and Final Stage. MaronaPossessed 11:15, 6 June 2011 (UTC)