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"Though many of her spell cards are heavily influenced by the scenes of the Choujuu-jinbutsu-giga scrolls, the particular animals chosen are all representative of previous Extra bosses"

I don't see how this is true at all. Without further explanation, it's just a baseless fact.

Full Moon[edit]

Anyone notice the full moon in the spell card background is distorted by the boss aura overlap during most cards except for the last? (References the final card?) -OrangeXP

To your first one: I agree. It seems like speculation as some of her transformations I really have to squint to see a resemblance.

To your second: I'd have to play through it again... (or watch the replay, if I have it) ♥★♦ 03:37, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

I didn't write the first part, it was already there. The second part I noticed on a replay, since I could watch the whole screen instead. -OrangeXP

Monster Tanuki?[edit]

Hi guys. In Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 11, before Mamizou's name and true form appears in TH13, some fans that I heard says that she transform into Marisa in order to eat some of Reimu's dumplings. Here's the picture link of it after she has been revealed by Reimu :

Since so far that Mamizou the only tanuki has been revealed and name, some fans says that this is Mamizou's first appearance but never show her true form yet. Which is why Mamizou does know Marisa's name even though she ask Marisa's name after you beat her in Extra stage using Marisa.

So my question is whether this is consider a trivia or a fandom or none in above? Can anyone help me out?

Consider it trivia. ♥★♦ 03:13, 12 September 2011 (UTC)

I would think it of fandom because Mamizou was called in by Nue to fight Miko. In there conversation, Mamzou was clearly late to arrive in Gensokyo making Mamizou automatically impossible to be there in any event before Ten Desires. The tanuki in Oriental Sacred Place clearly knew Reimu's existance. Mamizo on the other hand questions Reimu whether shes the Hakurei Shrine Maiden (That translation was off, I have to fix it after this.) and also questions Sanae of being the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. There personalities are also compleatly different.--Hikaruxz 07:51, 12 September 2011 (UTC)

Hard to say as I'm not sure when chapter 11 was made but the fact a nameless tanuki appeared in chapter 11 then Mamizuou appearing some time later in TD, it's hard to believe it was merely incidental. Though this might have been ZUN's way of giving a sneak peak as in PMiSS several races were referenced before any examples appeared (Divine Spirit, Hermit, Celestial). It's hard to believe that ZUN would develop such a being and not use/reference her again.

Reimu speaks of Tanuki as if they're actually quite common in Gensokyo. This combined with how Mamizou apparantly didn't arrive in Gensokyo until after called by Nue (and even then, she was too late for her intended purpose) means it's likely that the Tanuki in that chapter was just one of several (in fact, according to Reimu, there was a second Tanuki "off-screen" that gave a fake moon, as well, in that chapter). TiamatRoar 09:51, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

Y'know, I pointed out the fact that Mamizou was the first offical tanuki-species character in a game [But it's still known that Konoha Susanomori from Marine Benefit was the first tanuki-species character ever in Touhou.] and how Monster Tanuki was the first offical one in a manga, but someone removed this from the trivia section for some reason. --HijirinMyouren

Marine Benefit isn't an official Touhou game, Mamizou is the very first in-game and named tanuki character in Touhou. --Hikaruxz 02:40, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

'Disliking' foxes[edit]

The article says:

Since her profile says she dislikes foxes and may cause trouble with the foxes of Gensokyo, fans depict her as having an antagonistic relationship with the kitsune Ran Yakumo.

From what I understand about Tanuki, through their interaction with humans they were taking on a role of 'exterminating' Kitsune from human-populated areas, pushing them away from civilization. And thus the 'antagonism' is more the Kitsune hating the Tanuki for that. So basically the in-article interpretation is backwards. Unless I really have no clue about Japanese mythology, so please clue me in. Momiji (talk) 03:52, 27 February 2013 (UTC)

However, She doesn't get along with foxes, so it is rumored that no foxes live in Sado. She would end up causing trouble with the foxes of Gensokyo, but that's a story for another day. — Mamizou FUTATSUIWA, Symposium of Post-Mysticism

Hmm, it appears very omitted but important that we should look in the settings in fiction — distinguish them into the data different from the fact and the data reflected from it, and don't confuse the latter (the settings which are valid in fictional world) into the invalid data (the information which is true in other field but fault in this fictional world). On the topic of Mamizou, it is revealed that tanuki dislike kitsune and there are no kitsune at Sado Island on the score of tanuki. In the real world, there's some legends that Danzaburou (Mamizou's model) exclosed kitsune. --masuo64 Talk 05:10, 1 March 2013 (UTC)

ULiL profile retranslation[edit]

Mamizou's ULiL profile has been retranslated. To be honest, I am not sure what “手下は適度に荒く丁寧に活用して” is supposed to mean. "Use [the underlings] politely roughly in moderation"? Input would be greatly appreciated.