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Why are you using the Chinese pronunciation? It should be Hakkero. Also, it's probably best not to change the Mini-Elemental-Reactor bit; that's simply a translation into English. - Pilpsie

I was following Guixing's lead who put Bagualu on Article_and_Interview:_Sakuya (I guess he didn't know its meaning in Touhou?)
Also, I changed to 'Elemental Reactor' because I noticed the spelling used in Master Spark was ミニ八卦炉 -7HS 02:13, 29 September 2006 (PDT) (created this page as anon)
Guixing: I'm so surprised my respect made a controversy about "Bagualu". The reason why I used this term was it came from the Chinese legend, so I thought it was better to pronounce like that; if so, I also should read "Hakugyokurou" as "Baiyulou". If you think it's better to change "Bagualu" to "Hakkero", I'll do so. And, I admit the lack of its knowledge in Touhou.
This isn't a controversy; I just wanted to be consistent with the Japanese names. Goku also came from Chinese legend, but I'm pretty sure kids have no clue who "Song Wukung" is. - Pilpsie 21:14, 29 September 2006 (EST)
Please feel free to move this page and edit the links leading to it. I'm not attached to one name or another, just wanted to unify the various references. -7HS 01:19, 30 September 2006 (PDT)

I'd suggest adding somewhere an image of a hakkero. If no in-game ones are avaiable, ¿perhaps some external link will do? I'd try to show a pretty good example I've just googled, but spambot won't let me... - Inari, the mischievous fox =^·^=