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In 秘術「グレイソーマタージ」, I am inclined to think that "Thaumaturge" would be a better fit than "Thaumaturgy". Thaumaturgy would warrant a ー at the end, which this name doesn't have. Should it be changed to Thaumaturge? - Kiefmaster99 17:44, June 22, 2010 (UTC)

It's ambivalent, but I prefer to "maturgy" than "maturge" because "秘術" contains of 2 kanji "secret, mystic" & "performance, art", or of "mystic art", not "performer of mystic art" (normally translated as "魔術者").
I think the names of Spell Card should be translated to consider the meaning of it more than the sound. For example, Byakuren's spell card "光魔「スターメイルシュトロム」" is translated as "Light Magic "Star Maelstrom". But "maelstrom" is normally read as /meɪlstrɒm/ or /meɪlstrəm/ (メイルストロム or メイルストラム) in English. And the original word of Swedish "malstrøm"is as /mɑlstɾøːm/ (マルストレーム). Maybe German style pronunciation /maːlʃtʀøːm/ (マールシュトレーム) is related. In this case, English and German pronuciations is mixed. Why it is so isn't unclear, but I guess he doesn't care about the properness of pronuciation of foreign words. So, in the case of "thaumaturgy", ZUN is also like that. --Masuo64 07:04, June 23, 2010 (UTC)
I think either -turge or -turgy could fit under "esoterica" rather easily; the only difference that one refers to the art, the other the user of said art. Thaumaturge could refer back to Sanae. Also, I can't think of any examples where ZUN would ever use a noun+er in the first part of the SC name; noun+er could also show up in any SC name (豊符「オヲトシハーベスター」 Plenty Sign "Owotoshi Harvester").
ZUN does screw up his katakana occasionally; I'll give you that. - Kiefmaster99 08:12, June 23, 2010 (UTC)