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Fox tanuki laser[edit]

There seems to be a bit of mistranslation on Ran's spellcard "Fox-Tanuki Youkai Laser" (式輝「狐狸妖怪レーザー」). The dictionary I have says that 狐狸妖怪 (koriyoukai) means "a sly fellow who does evil by stealth". Wouldn't something like "Trickster's Laser" be a better translation? The first seems to be too literal.

式 vs 式神[edit]

式神 is technically shikigami. 式 (shiki) is used in 式輝, 式弾 (Radiance, Shot). Should the full form shikigami be used for those or just shiki? Kiefmaster99 10:11, 15 January 2011 (UTC)