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The charactor "冥" is used to make words about hell, Hades, netherworld, and world after death. "冥" indeed has the meaning "dark", but the "dark" is based on the image of these worlds in almost all cases.

"車" doesn't have the meaning ship, vessel, and watercraft. The charactor "車" means car, auto, bicycle, horse cart, rear car, etc., which are vehicles with wheels. Two bars at the top and bottom of the charactor "車" express wheels and the vertical line is the axle.

Does 霊車 (ghost/soul vehicle) have any special meaning, like the car that drives the deceased body, or a type of legend? Or is it just a unique term that ZUN made up? --Leviathean 09:16, 5 Jul 2005 (PDT)

I thought it's ZUN's made-up term, until I pulled out my dictionary to find out that it stands for 霊柩車(funeral car).
Well, that said, I hardly heard the term 霊車 in any other place than PCB till now, so I think it's not a very common term...
So, does that make these card's names "Cold Cart Concerto Grosso" or something like that? --Aona

I'd investigated it minutely, and I found the fact that "霊車" means "霊柩車". I'm not sure whether ZUN used the word as funeral car or his made-up term, but I guess it means funeral car because of the word 大合"葬". --Robert

車 means all of what spin or turn around centering around axis like wheel. For example "風車"(windmill), "水車"(waterwheel) etc. They are not vehicles. I think it may mean simply spell card's looks.

Wmmm... I've thought so without question, too, until I know "霊車" has the meaning "funeral car". The "霊車" of this spell card's name maybe has both the meanings, ghostly wheel and funeral car. --Robert

Okay, I'm going to have to put something in the translation. Even though 霊車 may mean Funeral Car, or Hearse, I say that the Ghostly Wheel is more representative of the basic look of the spell card, and will be using that meaning in the translation. Also, apparently "霊車" isn't used very often anyway, according to Aona, so translating it in this manner shouldn't cause too much grief. Hopefully that will be okay? --Leviathean 16:12, 17 Jul 2005 (PDT)