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Translation of "反魂"[edit]

I would have guessed 反魂蝶 to mean "Anti-Spirit Butterfly"- how did we get "Resurrection" out of this? -7HS

反魂 is a term that stands for returning someone's soul to their dead body, in order to revive the dead person.
Considering from Yuyuko's character description and in-game conversations, she is obviously trying to "ressurrect" someone rather than repeling someone's soul. --Aona

On 生者必滅の理[edit]

Just for interest's sake, 生者必滅 was the name of Yuffie's Level 3 limit break in FF7. The English translation dealt with it with "Doom of the Living"....don't know if that applies here though. Law of Mortality sounds kickass too, though :) 19:24, 23 February 2006 (PST)