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"She's the type of magician that was originally human and became one through training."

Sounds as if Marisa is headed down the road to becoming a youkai magician too, if she's doing the same thing Alice originally did before becoming youkai herself.

I find that kinda...I can't think of the word. But isn't the popular fan theory that Shinki is Alice's mother, thus making Alice a natural-born youkai? I mean, Shinki said that everything in Makai was of her creation and since Alice lives (or used to live) in Makai, wouldn't that mean Alice would be pure youkai as well? Unless she was a human who managed to get into Makai for some odd reason.

I always take it that the original creator's word overwrites any lore fans come up with on their own. It's funny, because I've been thinking that both Marisa and her friends/lovers wouldn't let her stay human for long and die of old age that easily. That and Marisa wouldn't think twice about abandoning humanism for more power. --Psieye
Popular theory has been disproven in other cases (e.g. Koakuma) so let's get over it (and even if disproven, that doesn't stop doujin from using such lore). It was our assumption that Alice was born and/or lived in Makai - we just met her for the first time there. Even with ZUN's lore overwriting what we'd previously accepted, that doesn't mean we can't have Shinki and Alice having a sort of mother-daughter relationship. It wasn't a real one before anyway (creator-creation). Well... now I know what to do with Shinki and Alice in phase 2 of my fanfic (being very very slowly written - whenever I'm on the bus or train which isn't often). --Psieye