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Talk:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Medicine Melancholy

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I edited like this, and it was then removed like this. I fixed Medicine Melancholy's spelling strange because it was written so in the 1st version of PMiSS. I think it is reasonable to correct the unnatural spelling, but it is also proper to respect the original writing. Each way has the good and bad points. I think we follow the latter, because some indices of article adopted such a way (Show Momiji Inubashiri or Yuka Kazami), and because the transcription of PMiSS makes a reproduction of the original text even for some typographical faults in it. Of course Medicin Melancory is a strange spelling, but that spelling appears in PMiSS. Would you mind me asking you your opinion about this, IP address --Masuo64 15:46, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

I can't be sure how many people think about it this way, but it makes sense: this book was written from the perspective of Akyu Hieda as a guide for humans in the Human Village; thus, it is my belief that, story-wise, Akyu drew the pictures, then had the subjects sign them themselves. (If the pictures were merely being labeled, Akyu would probably have simply labeled them all herself, all in the same language.) If this is the case, we can assume Medicine misspelled her own name (which would ironically make her less literate than Cirno, who spelled her own name properly). Of course, I cannot prove that is the case, so as much as I'd love to change it to say "Medicine," I can't. Unless Zun makes an official clarification or correction, which is unlikely, it's probably gonna end up staying as awfully misspelled as it is in this particular case. (This comment brought to you by a guy who adds an "e" to make it "Merline Prismriver" even though no official sources say to do so because when he thinks of "Merlin" he thinks of the wizard from "The Sword in the Stone.") AceOfHeartsDX 12:04, 28 November 2010 (PST)