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it's odd that Akyu says "A youkai that doesn't attack human is not youkai by definition, so she has to be attacking human somewhere else." Maybe it's just her own biased viewpoint (since ZUN is making a point of writing from a character's view rather than his own). Alice is a "youkai" but doesn't really attack humans, not on any sort of regular basis, and it's even stated that she rarely attacks humans in her article. Patchouli is stated as rarely battling anyone too (since she rarely goes outside).

  • Agreed; Perfect Memento is a more formal text, but it's written by a human, so one should assume basic human biases. Alice is taken to be something of an exception: "Since she was originally human, she probably does not attack people very often." Patchouli's article doesn't really say much about her violent habits, but anyone who lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion is clearly very dangerous. --T. Solamarle

"結界" and "境界": Should we make uniform translations for the 2 words or not?[edit]

In watching the original text, I feel like ZUN distinguishes "結界" and "境界", because "結界" sounds a kind of magical force field, and "境界" sounds what makes 2 things different if they are closely next to each other. But in the translation, we can find "boundary", "border" or "bounded field".

Both Japanese words appear at once on the Line 213.


In this sentence, "境界" is translated as "boundary", "結界" is "bounded field". If each word is translated into each uniform English word, I think this translation would be good.

I think you're right, of course. Thanks for noting things like this, I really appreciate it. I'll probably use boundary for 境界 and barrier for 結界, personally. --T. Solamarle 17:48, 7 March 2008 (PST)