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One question: Yesterday it was my first time playing PoFV through netplay with my friend. Neither of us don't have Lunasa nor Merlin unlocked, but in the character selection, Lunasa and Merlin were unlocked (and I played with both of them). After the games, I checked my character screen and ther wasn't both characters. Does Netplay unlocks all the secret characters including the prismriver sisters just for netplay mode?


"After patching to version 1.50a, download Adonis here and follow the instructions inside."

The instructions are in Japanese. I think it would be best to put a translation up here or something. 06:20, 17 March 2009 (UTC)Prime 2.0

Agreed. Its frustrating to get constantly de-synced when you're forced to use "sync = bad" to get any kind of decent framerate. Zeldagamer00 07:23, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

I changed the Adonis Caster link with a new one. The only thing thats different is a single .txt file which I wrote my self explaining how to use Adonis Caster.

Adonis Caster has its own score.dat files which unlocks all the characters. It does not effect your score.dat which is why you didn't have Lunasa and Merlin when you went to check.


After some examining we noticed that Kerio Personal Firewall causes some issues with the program. If opened in command promt, you can see the program give a strange error in japanese and then not opening the game. To solve, close your firewall. I could not find all of the programs that needed online access.

Another note: Apparently both of the players must be on 1P FULL in the game settings (start game -> options -> keys) and then in the program the host needs to select 1 for the last question. The manual which we found just says to pick two if there are two players. If we chose 2, another player could not use his keys at all.

Yet another note: We have had some dysynching issues and to solve them, we went to the .ini and changed the sound settings to make the game give a sound when it desyncs. We didn't hear anything, yet the game kept getting out of sync.

Roisack 15:32, 29th April 2009 (UTC)


I've been trying many times with a friend of mine to netplay PoFV but when the client write the number of the port, His Adonis crashes... Does anyone know what the matter is? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Djfast (talkcontribs)

Your friend (He's hosting, right?) probably doesn't have his ports opened. Google for instructions on how to open/forward ports on whatever router he has. Or, host yourself and try to do it on your router. -- Qazmlpok 21:29, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

Ubuntu PoFV Netplay[edit]

Is it possible to netplay on Linux? Specifically, Ubuntu Linux 9.04?