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Pilpsie, how do you want the cards uploaded? They've been done for a while, but I never got an answer back from you. - Ruka

Yeah, about that, I just got this PM from someone on Simulationstyle:
Just wondering if you can do me a favour and finish up translating the event cards for Rumbling Spell Orchestra. Since you uploaded the scans of the cards quite long ago on Shrinemaiden, I have been translating the cards via photoshop. So far I have finished editing 72 cards, which amounts to roughly 4 pure decks. - Winter.Scaze
Now, it would be best if he edited the uncompressed versions of the work you and Psieye did, but it sounds like he's editing the original 12-card scans. Also, I didn't think anybody would be editing the cards, and I found and corrected some errors and inconsistencies when looking through the wiki entries (I've finished translating the cards, though I haven't done the write-ups for the Spell, Support and Event Cards yet). I'm not sure if he's willing redo the work with your cleaned-up cards, but I'm just waiting for a response from him right now. - Pilpsie
I'm all for editing the cards, but I'm starting to wonder if that's starting to step into something we shouldn't. Also, any idea where to buy the cards yet? All I'm getting are links that keep going back to the gameplay page at the official site. - Ruka
Paletweb has them. Search for "rumbling". They don't show up when you search for "touhou". - 5parrowhawk

RSO Artists

蒼 -- Ao
秋★枝 -- Aki Eda
あきやまねねひさ -- Nenehisa Akiyama
異識(魔王陛下) -- His Majesty the Devil
イタチ -- Itachi
牛木義隆 -- Yoshitaka Ushiki
NC -- NC
大出長介 -- Chosuke O-ide
蒲焼鰻 -- Kabayaki Unagi
神無月羽兎 -- Hato Kannadzuki
草凪きこく -- Kikoku Kusanagi
源五郎 -- Gengoro
此処之ココ -- KokonoCoco
九重遊葉 -- Yuba Konoe
小崎芳尚 -- Yoshinao Ozaki
里村響 -- Kyou Satomura
嶋村美和 -- Miwa Shimamura
神馬耶樹 -- Yagi Shinba
スズキシ -- Suzukishi
双 -- Sou
高梨ひつじ -- Hitsuji Takanashi
高畑ゆき -- yuki
たこ -- Tako
立羽 -- Tateha
田中健一 -- Kenichi Tanaka
たまきふゆ -- Fuyu Tamaki
茶戸 -- Chado
天空すふぃあ -- Sphere Tenkuu
十夜 -- Touya
ととねみぎ -- Nemigi Toto
名波早乃 -- Sono Nanami
鳴海袖来 -- Yuki Narumi
軒 -- Noki
はせがわけいた -- Keita Hasegawa
葉庭 -- Haniwa
氷雨げんた -- Genta Hisame
ひらふみ -- Hirafumi
藤瀧タクロウ -- Takuro Fujitaki
x6suke -- x6suke
ペテン師 -- Petenshi
ヘラダミツル -- Mitsuru Herada
御影石材 -- Sekizai Mikage
御影獏 -- Baku Mikage
水炊き -- Mizutaki
mizumi -- mizumi
焼けぷ -- Yakebu
YU -- YU
由岐シュウカ -- Shuka Yuki
雪汰郎 Yukitaro
ろく -- Roku
わき(Wakky) -- Wakky
理都 -- Sunikara

Main card page

I will be moving all of the existing card pages as a subpage of Rumbling Spell Orchestra If there won't be a need for any general "card" page then I will move them as planned --Tsukihime 04:58, 11 January 2011 (UTC)


For now, try using 192px as the width until I can come up with something better. Line breaks should be minimized whenever possible. As well, looking into getting some sort of template should be considered. Kiefmaster99 04:22, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

Test using RSO Card Info template (based off Spell Card info):

Experimental templates are currently being tested on a few cards. See User:Kiefmaster99/RSO Sandbox. Should any problems arise with this template, or if you have suggestions to how information should be presented, or whether you plain hate it, feel free to leave a message on my Talk Page or here, or attempt to edit the template yourself. Kiefmaster99 10:02, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

Spell Card Info template will be better by merging the current RSO template into it as only a few parameter to be tweaked. - KyoriAsh 10:18, 16 January 2011 (UTC)
You can certainly try to do that, though I felt that the differences were sufficient to warrant its own template. It does have to serve four different types, and I threw in some other switches too. Kiefmaster99 11:37, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

IRC channel

Hi, I'm new to here, and surprised at so much data of Rumbling Spell Orchestra here. I have edited a new netplay application's page. How about to chat in the IRC channel? - Urakagi

MegaUpload Link Dead

Exactly as stated. The link to the English-translated version 4.0 card set is dead. It must be uploaded elsewhere and the link replaced. I've sent Matherikus (MotK, the guy doing the translations) a forum PM, but until then, anyone who might have the 4.0 card set is certainly welcome to upload it somewhere, as it is presently not available anywhere else that I can find. Ace Of Hearts 06:49, 1 April 2012 (UTC)

Translation Standardization

In an effort to standardize translations across all cards, I will be listing common Japanese terms used and their translations here.

(work in progress)


  • スペル = Spell
  • イベント = Event
  • 特殊能力 = Special
  • リーダー = Leader
  • 充填フェイズ = Replenish Phase
  • 戦闘フェイズ = Battle Phase
  • 起動フェイズ = Preparation Phase
  • 常時 = Passive
  • 決死判定 = Border Value (BV)
  • すべて = all (of)
  • 自分 = your
  • 相手 = opponent
  • 得る = gains
  • 戦闘中のスペル = battle Spell
  • 起動状態 = Active
    • 起動状態にする = to activate
  • 準備状態 = Reserved
    • 準備状態にする = to reserve
  • 場合 = if, while, as long as (depends on what condition there is)
    • サポートが配置された場合 = When...Support is equipped
  • 使用条件に『<character>』が含まれている = <character> (e.g. Alice Spell, Nitori Support; lit. that has <character> in its requirement)
  • <type>以外の = non-<type>
  • 相手が戦闘を行っていない場合、 = if it isn't intercepted, (lit. if your opponent didn't battle)
  • 自分のデッキ の上から1枚を手札に加える = Draw one card from your deck.
  • 相手の手札 1枚を抜き出し、それを捨て札置き場に置く。 = ...choose one card from your opponent's hand and discard it.
    • 1枚をランダムで抜き出し = Choose one card at random
    • 相手は目標から1枚を選んで抜き出し = Your opponent chooses one card


  • "card" is only used for cards referenced in the hand, deck, or discard pile. It is never used for those already on the field.

12.5 Errata Source

Hinafuda's site was nuked and they never bothered updating it, but the updated cards can be found at or at the JP wiki.

Nyttyn (talk) 05:20, 9 May 2020 (UTC)