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These titles are more like quick silly descripts if anything. Anyway, three things I don't have a suggestible substitute for that bug me.
体に優しくない人形 (Unhealthy Doll) -- There should be a way to make the adjective in this title not sound like it's referring to Medicine. For people who want to give it a shot, it's literally, "doll that's not kind to the (your) body" which pretty much means "doll that's bad for the body/your health".
目にも留まらない化猫 (Hyperactive Monster Cat) -- Hm.. "monster cat that doesn't stop before the (your) eyes". There should be a way to say this, but I don't think hyperactive is it.
危険な手品師 (Dangerous Magician) -- There's no real problem with this other than the "magician" here is a magician of tricks, and not of actual magic. Is there a way to show that?
Teruterubouzu 08:28, 9 January 2006 (PST)

体に優しくない人形 -- I rejected "Unhealthy Doll" for the same reason. "Poisonous Doll" and "Toxic Doll" are simple translations, but I cannot evaluate the "coolness".
目にも留まらない -- It is an idiom meaning "(that moves) as rapidly as one cannot see". I feel "hyperactive" is a good translation.
危険な手品師 (Dangerous Magician) -- I've worried that, too. Here is a magician of tricks. Is "Dangerous Trickster" better?
紅色の世界 (World of Crimson) -- Indeed, "Crimson" expresses the bloody atmosphere of the vampire, but I also think here "Scarlet" is better for consistency with the title "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" and her name "Remilia Scarlet". Which is better for natives?
Robert 10:00, 9 January 2006 (PST)


体に優しくない人形 (Unhealthy Doll) -- Why is it so bad for it to refer to medicine? :p I read it as "bad for your body." Then again, you guys are right - Unhealthy Doll sounds kinda stupid. Poison Doll, I think, was used before - but I'm just not sure about the severity of the word. Maybe it'd be appropriate to fall back on that.

目にも留まらない化猫 (Hyperactive Monster Cat) -- I stand by hyperactive, though if you can think of other adjectives, let's hear 'em. (ADHD?) I'm not fond of monster cat, as that invokes a fifty-story Chen in my mind, but I'm at a loss for phrasing there.

危険な手品師 (Dangerous Magician) -- Though 手品 is more like a magic trick, a trickster sounds kind of playful and harmless, neither of which seem to suit Sakuya. (or is that why Dangerous is there?) I also tossed about "magic-user" in my head, though I put more weight on 師.

And, I stuck 紅 as crimson specifically because everything about Remilia is scarlet - I was tired of the same word over and over again. :p AFAIK, there's no important reason to stick with crimson.

Oh, and whoever fixed my Komachi/Shikieiki blooper before, thanks. :D (oops)

Puredragon 17:26, 9 January 2006 (PST)

When you say "Unhealthy Doll," "unhealthy" is a modifier for "doll" -- as in the doll is in bad health. You could generally get by with that interpretation with inanimate objects (Example: "That sandwich is unhealthy,") but using it on a sentient character strongly implies the meaning we aren't looking for. You could probably make a case for "unhealthy doll" before she came to life, but even that is really iffy.

For Sakuya... illusionist? Doesn't really seem like the best choice, but it's the best I got from the thesaurus... - JSeabolt - 19:11, 9 January 2006 (PST)