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Should this, in some way, be added to the "Print Works" section of the home page? --Shynaku (talk) 16:47, 7 November 2015 (UTC)

Can't read[edit]

It's pretty much impossible to read the furimoji above "Gairai Ihen" at the start of the page. I don't understand the coding that goes into it, but is there some way to make it more legible? Flan27 (talk) 04:48, 10 November 2016 (UTC)

Well, this could be a font rendering issue as well. I don't really have any trouble reading them. It is possible to e.g. have the rubytext non-bold/non-italic, but it complicates the template and stops being consistent when editors decide to add additional custom pieces of rubytext (e.g for Fairy Wars). Look at Template:thtitle/testcases for examples of how this would look. Is this significantly better? Or is the problem mainly font size/face/rendering? Because we can't really do much about that. Drake Irving (talk) 08:22, 11 November 2016 (UTC)