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How to split up the pages?[edit]

Making an individual page for each card would obviously be very cumbersome. Splitting them up by character would still result in significantly more pages than Grimoire of Marisa, since the characters either A) have only 1 card anyway or B) make separate appearances in both halves of the book. (Plus there's the fact that some of the commentary threads continue over several successive characters.)

The only real way to split them up (imo) is to just group successive characters together in blocks. Based on some thematic groupings of characters (fairy crew, instrument tsukumogami, UFO/LoLK/HSiFS cast members, etc.) and pages with linked commentary, this is my proposal:

Page 21~26 (Marisa, Kogasa, Wakasagihime, Kyouko) - 6 cards
Page 27~33 (Eternity, Lily, Cirno, Three Fairies) - 6 cards
Page 34~39 (Kagerou, Aki sisters, Aunn) - 6 cards
Page 40~43 (Narumi, Yuyuko) - 4 cards
Page 44~50 (Tsukumo sisters, Raiko, Nitori) - 7 cards
Page 51~56 (Nazrin, Shou, Ichirin) - 6 cards
Page 57~63 (Aya, Hatate, Komeiji sisters, Futo, Murasa) - 7 cards
Page 64~72 (Byakuren, Miko, Iku, Tenshi) - 9 cards (maybe split this one in half)
Page 73~80 (Marisa, Sanae, Kanako, Suwako, Mamizou) - 8 cards
Page 95~101 (Seija, Clownpiece, Yamame, Parsee, Hina, Sekibanki) - 7 cards
Page 102~107 (Nemuno, Yoshika, Seiga, Seiran, Ringo, Doremy) - 6 cards
Page 108~111 (Utsuho, Koishi, Yuugi, Suika) - 4 cards
Page 112~117 (Nue, Murasa, Shou, Byakuren) - 6 cards
Page 118~123 (Tojiko, Miko, Mamizou, Momiji, Orin) - 7 cards
Page 124~131 (Clownpiece, Hecatia, Junko) - 8 cards
Page 132~137 (Mai, Satono, Okina) - 6 cards
Page 138~142 (Sagume, Shinmyoumaru) - 5 cards
Page 150 (Reimu) - 1 card
Page 152~155 (Scarlet sisters, Eirin & Kaguya, Mamizou & Nue, Reimu & Yukari) - 4 cards

There's room to shuffle some of the page divisions around but, like, in general, uhhhhh      yeah Gilde (talk) 04:43, 29 April 2019 (UTC)

I like that idea. Splitting the cards up by character (such as Marisa, page 005 -> page 081) would needlessly fracture everything. --Splashman (blub) (talk) 17:20, 29 April 2019 (UTC)

"Shooting Record"[edit]

Now, this isn't really important, just wanted to point out that I had originally translated 撮影記録 as Shooting Record (over Photography Record) as what I figured was a clever pun, as shooting could refer to both photography and danmaku, and from what I originally saw people seemed to pick up on it. Seeing as Clarste seems to have changed it saying it was a "fix" I imagine they didn't catch that and it leaves me slightly disappointed that it didn't make it into the RD release. This isn't something I'm going to bother editing back without extra support but here's my minor vent about it. Drake Irving (talk) 23:02, 18 June 2019 (UTC)