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These pages are really disorganized. Perhaps there should be a more logical way to structure the pages? --Tsukihime 00:06, 11 January 2011 (UTC)


Requesting more information on the use of DrawGraphic3D and its accompanying functions for the purpose of creating and manipulating (the movement of) 3D backgrounds. A working example of their proper use would be fantastic. An explanation (or demonstration) of a method used to loop the graphic would be especially helpful.
- White Knell

[hr] here is english^^translation say if somthing is wrong


Software to run it like a boss enemy in the east based simple script. "Script" in the folder, the script is operated by the enemy. Images of the enemy, and are free to view additional images. Ship can also create.


Pad, config.exe work according to.

Keyboard operation Cursor keys: Move Z: bullet (left pushed auto fire), decision X: bombs, cancel C: user defined (by the script changes the meaning.) Left Shift: Go slow Esc: Pause Left Ctrl: Skip Event PageUp: Play fast (fast enough to be played by pressing the push (Ctrl key pressed together at top speed all at once.). PageDn: Play fast release Space: the high-speed playback while pressing. Will be cleared off of it. R: reset (back to the title screen.) BackSpace: retry (the first play from the same script.) Home: Take a screenshot "snapshot" in the folder. P: pause the application (to be released but still inactive → active) Alt + Enter: FullScreen and Window Switch F12: Exit Application

For audio

bgm folder "bgm.wav, bgm.mid" will play around and put. The renewable, wav, mp3, ogg, mid it. Priority wav> mp3> ogg> mid is.

Sound effects have been archived "Se" is replaced by putting the following files in the folder. However, these file names may change. What other people do not like the sound of these effects, there is no need to replace. Where filename is used Self-firing sound bombs sePlayerShot01.wav SeGraze.wav grazing SePlayerCollision.wav ship shot down SePlayerSpellCard.wav ship fire bomb Increased residual machine (1UP) se1UP.wav Get seScore.wav items Reimu "sealed dream" shot noise seBomb_ReimuA.wav Reimu "sealed dream" impact noise seExplode01.wav Reimu (Dreams) shot sound bombs seBomb_ReimuB.wav Marisa (Magic), sound bombs fired seBomb_MarisaA.wav Marisa (Magic), sound shot seBomb_MarisaA_Star.wav Milky Way stars Marisa (Love)-shot sound bombs seBomb_MarisaB.wav SeUseSpellCard.wav enemy fire spell sound card Mori Ra activated sound barrier (1) seSuperNaturalBorder1.wav Mori Ra activated sound barrier (2) seSuperNaturalBorder2.wav


Replay "replay" folder "Script file name _replayxx.dat" (xx is a number) are stored in. Save time every single script can be stored in 10 areas, you can freely rename. Script file name in the header of Ripureifairu "# Text" is a part Kakikon, and so with distinction. Limit the number of reads on file.

Replay play, scene selection script "Normal Play" that can be selected at the bottom of the item.


The situation will vary as follows. Rate Audio has the bottom left. Driving point is the point Graze/10 intact. Rate increases also slightly. No Missing Superukadobonasu enemy spell cards can be obtained by defeating the Nobomu. I Superukadobonasu Rate ×. Rate Rate increases and the maximum value of 2. Rate 25 shot down during a percent.

Barrage to the person making

script script file placed in the folder will be recognized. The file name is free. Image files by default "script \ img" has a long, Even if below the executable anywhere, If the path is correct and that the script is OK. Image size, please provide as much as possible to the power of two. For example, 640 × 480 and images will be read by the internal Atsukawa at 1024 × 512.

If there are errors in the script, the script returns to the selection screen. The infinite loop or have a script, hardens in place. You may quit unexpectedly. Windows2000 or Xp so often fall on recommended preparation. Sample Scripts

When making the barrage, give us a barrage east wind, Creating the script reads, "I" key to invincibility, → → Edit the script in a text editor to make sure barrage "BackSpace" reload It is somewhat easier to fabricate.

Limited number of bullets is not reshaped the barrage, Please be aware that too much down there and handle. If there is enough on the screen even if the barrage from the normal 500. Disappears from a place to avoid passing over around 1000 maybe.

Script "@ DrawLoop" If you are using part of the function rand will not play properly. This is when you go from random frameskip displaced.

Key debugging

The key for debugging. Save and replay is not used. I: unbeatable U: release Invincible F: residual aircraft, bombs recovered H: 10% damage to the enemy's life (pushing 10 Kills)


No way - things look a little more. This help to somehow itself - has become complicated. Others, there is sufficient interest, that it could implement it.

Not working with XP sp3

I can't get Touhou Danmakufu to work with XP sp3. I have installed applocale, but every time i try to open file XP gives this error message: th_dnh.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Does anyone know how to make it work? --JuEeHa 11:04, 12 February 2011 (UTC)

Are you also running Danmakufu through AppLocale (C:\Windows\AppPatch\AppLoc.exe)? Japanese language, 日本語, is usually the lowest in the language list. --Rain 02:31, 6 March 2011 (UTC)