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Character page guidelines[edit]

Recently, a few templates have been established to aid in character page formatting and rebuilding, such as Template:TPWSpellcard and Template:TPWStats. Please use them whenever you have the option of doing so, since it both shortens the total code's size and makes it easier for new users to edit the information within.

Also, please always remember to upload images to, and not to Whenever you click on Upload File on the toolbar, it will automatically redirect you to the Pool; from there, you may simply change the "pool" word in the URL for "en" and reload, then upload the image there. That way, the wiki will correctly detect which pages link to the file. Remember to add said file to the TPW2 category, too - which, again, can only be done if you don't upload the file to the pool.

(Well, you can actually categorize any media in the Pool, but then it'd be a separate category from the en.touhouwiki category entirely.)

Changing subject, I'd like to quote Morrolan about how to obtain certain character info:

  • The spellcard damage values are apparently calculated simply by raising them up by 5% (relative to the current %, of course!), then truncating any decimals, and repeating the process until lv10. For a lv1 card with 100% far damage, for example, it is safe to estimate that the final damage for it, after lv10 is achieved and all masteries finished, would be 151%. The total relative increase is directly proportional to how high that card's base damage is in a certain field.
  • In the in-game data, if one checks the chara_data.ks file with any text editor such as Notepad, they should find, in addition to other data, structures similar to the following. The lv1 growth effort for HP will be 1/10 of that number; the same is true for other stats, but on a 1/2 ratio instead. From there, the growth effort for any level will be that current stat multiplied by the in-game ratio (num/10 if HP, else num/2), disconsidering items.
sf.chara[1][11]=80; //HP升級權值
sf.chara[1][12]=72; //ATK升級權值
sf.chara[1][13]=85; //HIT升級權值
sf.chara[1][14]=114; //DODGE升級權值
  • The growth aptitudes (C~S) are directly linked to the numbers just mentioned within the data. The "breakpoints" are said to be 75, 100 and 125: if said number is below 75, that character is S-rank on that specific stat; if it's between 76 and 100, that would be considered A-rank, and so on and forth until any number above 125, which is C-rank.
  • Other data can be obtained directly in-game, or even from the data, without any huge interpretation issues. As for reference, here are some links to already-completed pages, missing only the Usage Suggestions section:

Naï (talk) 23:50, 27 May 2014 (UTC)

Character join flags[edit]

I added a few specifics of the joining conditions of Koakuma, Kasen and Yumemi. I'm not sure *when* and *how* exactly some of the events are unlocked (the data not explicitly mentioning what day they occur in doesn't help, and the conditions aren't easy to interpret!), but this should be better than nothing, at least. I do happen to be sure where the [Meet] events appear, so that's a plus.

I took the event specifics from event_point.ks and event_main.ks: if anyone wants to look, check event_main.ks for strings such as "koakuma_flag", "kasen_flag", "kasen_join", "yumemi_flag" and "yumemi_join". Once the flags are equal 1, a message will be displayed saying that character was unlocked and in which gacha series they are available (unless I messed up with the coding ;;). Some translated event names are also available in room.ks for reference.

Naï (talk) 02:44, 11 June 2014 (UTC)

The Yumemi points appear to be from defeating gacha of the various magicians while that event step is active, it's checked in battle_results. Unlocking the Prismriver series doesn't seem to have any requirements besides the day. The events unlock the [meet] options. Morrolan (talk) 05:17, 11 June 2014 (UTC)
About the Prismriver sisters, I don't know about that, since the video does showcase the event as if it were a prerequisite... but whatever! We might as well test it ourselves, the patch is upon us after a thousand years of waiting. ~.~ Naï (talk) 18:18, 12 June 2014 (UTC)