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Tatsumi Hakkaisan

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八海山 (はっかいさん)  辰巳 (たつみ)
ha̠k̚ka̠isã̠n ta̠t͡sɯᵝmi
Tatsumi Hakkaisan
Tatsumi Hakkaisan
Tatsumi Hakkaisan in Uwabami Breakers
Former Military Chef
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Human (native to the Outside World)


Known to be over 49




Outside World (Twilight Bar Room)

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Note: This article is part of the game Uwabami Breakers by the Doujin circle The Drinking Party.

Tatsumi Hakkaisan (八海山 辰巳 Hakkaisan Tatsumi) is the chef of the Twilight Bar Room. He joined the SDF because he wanted to kill, but his dream didn't come true. He later worked as a chef at the Twilight Bar Room to cut up living things, he then found out he was a good cook. Isami Asama encounters Tatsumi on the first stage of Uwabami Breakers in a masses tavern called the "Eight-headed Serpent".

Background Information


His full name is Tatsumi Hakkaisan (八海山 辰巳). Tatsumi (辰巳), in an obsolete sense, literally means "south-east"; it is an actual surname in Japanese, even though it's used as a given name here. Hakkaisan (八海山) is the name of a berg in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan.


Tatsumi Hakkaisan wears a loose-fitting grey suit with purple edges under a white apron. He also wears a sweatband. He appears to be holding a knife.


Rumi Arie and Amakasu Barley Tenji

Rumi Arie is Tatsumi's employer and Amakasu Barley Tenji is his fellow employee.

Isami Asama

Isami Asama is a customer of the Twilight Bar Room, thought their relationship is unclear.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 2
おでん「しらたきのラプソディ」 Oden "Rhapsody in Shirataki" UB St. 1
幻の刺身「天然マリモの活作り」 Illusory Sashimi "Slicing Natural Marimo" UB St. 1

Additional Information

Official Profiles

Uwabami Breakers - ZUN後書き.txt
○一面ボス 軍人上がりの板前

 「八海山 辰巳」(はっかいさん たつみ)



First stage boss  The Chef from the Military

 Tatsumi Hakkaisan

 He joined the SDF because he wanted to kill, but his wish wasn't granted.
 He became a chef so he could cut up living things, but he's awakened to the path of haute cuisine, and is now creating many new culinary delights.

 His specialty is squeezed chick peas.

Official Sources

Official sources