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The goal of the circle name template is to centralize all instances of a circle's name, this allows editors to create pages for circles with Japanese names knowing that if an official English title/better romanization is found later on, all instances of that circle's name and all pages in their category can be updated easily. The template is designed to cover almost all instances a circle's name would be used.

- How to use
No Parameters Set
Returns 魂音泉's default name without a link
Fist Parameter Options
link is used when linking to 魂音泉's page
en is primarily used in other template parameters to set the category (eg. MusicArticle's "GroupCat" or Lyrics' "group_en")
jp is used for 魂音泉's Japanese name without a link
file is used along with the second parameters cover or banner to add category and licencing for album covers and banners
cat is used to add a miscellaneous files or pages to 魂音泉's category

Creating new Circle Name Templates
<includeonly>{{#if: {{{1|}}} | {{#switch: {{{1|}}} | link = [[JPTITLE{{!}}ENTITLE]] | en = ENTITLE | ja = {{lang|ja|JPTITLE}} | file = {{#switch: {{{2|}}} | cover | banner = {{album|{{{2|}}}}} }} [[category:ENTITLE]] | cat = [[category:ENTITLE]]}} | DEFAULT }}</includeonly><noinclude>
[[Category:Circle Names]]
  • First fill in all instances of JPTITLE & ENTITLE with the circle's Japanese and English titles (example 深夜放送 & Shin'ya Housou)
    • Please note that in cases where there is no official English title the first ENTITLE should be removed resulting in "link = [[JPTITLE]]".
  • Second choose the default name, this can be the Japanese name, the English name if official or both though hover text "{{H:title|{{lang|ja|JPTITLE}}|ENTITLE}}"