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Template:Character Short/doc

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This template is to display brief character information on official games' Character pages, such as Undefined Fantastic Object/Characters.


Please copy the code below into the Characters page in question.

{{Character Short|small (if the image is too small, use small parameter)
| name        =The name of the character (will be linked automatically)
| role        =The role of the character in the game (eg. Playable Character, Stage 3 Boss, EX Midboss)
| image       =The filename of the image to be used as a thumbnail (will be processed for you)
| pixel       =This is optional and should only be used on images that are smaller than 165x200px (don't put "px" down).
| title-jp    =The Japanese title of the character
| title-en    =The English translation of the title
| description =A brief description of the character in relation to the game