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This template should be used in articles about doujin circles. It handles formatting and categorization.


Very short description of each parameter. See below for more detailed information. Be sure to check examples first.

| arrangement =Y. Remove this if the group does NOT make music CDs
| game        =Y. Remove this if the group does NOT make fangames
| digitaldistribution = y. Remove this if the circle is NOT in the Touhou Doujin Music Distribution.
| name        =Circle's name
| name_en     =Translated name, if applicable
| profile_pic =A nice picture of circle's members
| pic_desc    =A short description of the profile picture
| audio1      =An audio sample to help describe music circles
| audio1_desc =A short description of the audio sample
| logo        =A pretty image, in most cases the circle's official logo
| intro       =Short intro to the circle
| dates       =Years they've been active
| url         =A link to their website
| urldefunct  =Add "true" if url is defunct
| social      =A link to their social media
| genre       =Types of music the circle produces
| members     =Members of the group
| description =A description of the circle
| games       =List of games
| printworks  =List of print works
| discography =List of albums
| additional_sections = Text to be put after album list

Note: The following categories and template works automatic within the template:

[[Category:Doujin Circle/Arrangement]], [[Category:Doujin Circle/Game]], their own category, their album category (e.g. Buta-Otome Albums)

Note: Use of arrange parameter is deprecated. Please use arrangement instead, and update any articles using this template appropriately.

Note: Use of the parameters album1, album2, etc., is deprecated. Please use discography instead, and update any articles using this template appropriately. Editors who wish to retain the previous style can comment in album numbers like so; <!-- album1 -->.


If the group makes music CD's then include this parameter. Otherwise remove the whole parameter.
If the group makes fangames then include this parameter. Otherwise remove the whole parameter.
The name of the group.
If the name of the group is in Japanese, this is where you supply an English title.
The name of an image displaying the members of the circle.
|profile_pic = Sekkenya_FN2009.jpg
A short description that will appear under the profile picture.
audio1, audio2 & audio3
The name of an audio sample (preferably 30-48 seconds and in .ogg format) used to illustrate a music circle's work.
|audio1 = East_Funky_Dream_-Alternative-_sample.ogg
audio1_desc, audio2_desc & audio3_desc
A short description of the audio sample that will appear under the audio player.
The name of an image to display as their logo.
The first text that appears on the page. It should be a short description.
No need to go into detail. Just write something along the lines of 2008 - Present.
Don't make this an actual link, just supply the url to their website.
Add "true" if url no longer works
Add every members with a " : " in front of the name.
e.g.: :ランコ (Ranko) — Vocals
More in-depth information on the group.
Use the Genre template to link to different genres.
|genre = {{Genre|Electronic}}, {{Genre|Instrumental}}, {{Genre|Trance}}
A description of the circle which should include any worthwhile information not presented through other parameters.
List the games the group has made. Only works if the game parameter is included.
e.g.: *[[Touhou Sky Fight|東方スカイファイト]] (2010)
List the print works the group has made. Use same example as 'game'.
List the albums the groups has made using the DiscographyItem template. This parameter will only work if the arrangement parameter is included.
|discography =

{{DiscographyItem|000|ENS-0000.jpg|2008-11-02|Touhou Kouroumu 4|Off-vocal versions of 4 tracks that would later appear on [[Lyrical Crimson]] with vocals.}}

{{DiscographyItem|Lyrical Crimson|ENS-0001.jpg|2008-12-29|Comiket 75}}
A parameter for adding sections not covered by the other parameters, such as Additional Discographies, Other Words Sections or Guest Arrangement Sections.
In the case of Additional Discographies the DiscographyItem template can be used if surrounded by an html table with the border set to 0.
| additional_sections = 
== Other Works ==
=== Event-Limited Singles ===
<table border="0">
{{DiscographyItem|{{lang|ja|銀河超夢重力エトワール}}|SBCD-00a.jpg|2016-10-16|Autumn Reitaisai 3|An event-limited single featuring vocal arrangements of themes from ''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'' and ''[[Phantasmagoria of Flower View]]''.|link=銀河超夢重力エトワール}}

{{DiscographyItem|{{lang|ja|エピック・リカバリー}}|SBCD-00b.jpg|2017-01-16|Daikyuushuu Touhousai 21|An event-limited single featuring vocal arrangements of themes from ''[[Imperishable Night]]'' and ''[[Double Dealing Character]]''.|link=エピック・リカバリー}}
In the case of Guest Arrangement Sections use the ArrangementTable template to create a template similar to the album navbox.
| additional_sections = 
== Guest Arrangements ==
{{AZITAMATEISHOKU Guest Arrangements}}