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This template allows for easy indexing of main section headers for given pages or for a range of subpages. It was designed for indexing discussions in talk page archives. It uses Lua script Module:Index. These lists are dynamic, so any change in indexed pages or subpages should be reflected on the index page (sometimes it may be necessary to purge the page).


There are two ways of using this template: by providing direct links to pages (labels are optional) or by providing the "root" directory and the prefix of page names.

Both methods accept optional parameters:

  • frame - if specified and not empty it shows a frame, the title and "Show"/"Hide" buttons.
  • title - shown when frame is enabled, by default it's "Content"
  • cols - when frame is enabled, it allows to split the list into multiple columns (uses CSS "-moz-column-count" and "column-count")
  • numbers - when specified and not empty it enables ordered list instead of bullets. Numbering starts with 1 and is continuous, so if there was 5 links on 1st page, then first link on 2nd page will start with 6. Doesn't require the frame to be enabled.

Providing links[edit]

|link 1
|L1=name 1
|link 2
|L2=name 2
|link 3

The L# params are optional, but serve as label name for links in place of the page link.

Range of subpages[edit]

|root=main page

This will generate an index of section headers for subpages, starting with main page/subpage1 then main page/subpage2, etc. The scanning continues as long as the subpages exist. If there should be a space between prefix and counter, then use an underscore (e.g. "Archive_").


Single page[edit]

For the index of current general talk page, you can use

{{Index|Talk:Touhou Wiki|L1=Touhou Wiki|numbers=yes}}
Touhou Wiki
  1. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Talks by major topics|Talks by major topics]]
  2. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Spell Card Info Template Revamp|Spell Card Info Template Revamp]]
  3. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# "Albums needing pages" instead of "Albums needing genres"| "Albums needing pages" instead of "Albums needing genres"]]
  4. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Spell card comments| Spell card comments]]
  5. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Spell Card Template new coding|Spell Card Template new coding]]
  6. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#updated list of Fan Comics + Official Print Work|updated list of Fan Comics + Official Print Work]]
  7. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# We *seriously* need a way to have people knowing what is going on| We *seriously* need a way to have people knowing what is going on]]
  8. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Images not loading without JavaScript|Images not loading without JavaScript]]
  9. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Translation Misedits|Translation Misedits]]
  10. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# ToggleDisplay no longer working| ToggleDisplay no longer working]]
  11. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Re:Colors/Colours (part 3)| Re:Colors/Colours (part 3)]]
  12. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Music Titles and Potential Redundancies| Music Titles and Potential Redundancies]]
  13. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Re:The/A/[blank] [song title]| Re:The/A/[blank] [song title]]]
  14. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Gensokyo.org| Gensokyo.org]]
  15. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Speculation and Conjecture in Character Pages| Speculation and Conjecture in Character Pages]]
  16. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#How did they create?|How did they create?]]
  17. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# There are download links (or online readers) on several of the Print Works. Wouldn't this be considered pirating?| There are download links (or online readers) on several of the Print Works. Wouldn't this be considered pirating?]]
  18. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Wiki formatting broke for me.|Wiki formatting broke for me.]]
  19. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# The formatting of one of the pages is broken| The formatting of one of the pages is broken]]
  20. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki# Error in Transcription| Error in Transcription]]
  21. [[Talk:Touhou Wiki#Discord server ban.|Discord server ban.]]

Range of pages[edit]

If you want to index all archive pages for a given page, use

|root=Category talk:Characters
Contents <toggledisplay status="show" showtext="Show" hidetext="Hide">
Archive 1
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 1#Initial layout discussion|Initial layout discussion]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 1#Pronounciation|Pronounciation]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 1#Character images|Character images]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 1#Occupation, etc.|Occupation, etc.]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 1#Alternate spellings, etc|Alternate spellings, etc]]
Archive 2
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2#Fun Facts Overload|Fun Facts Overload]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# What About Character Theme Music?| What About Character Theme Music?]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# About Ages in Profiles| About Ages in Profiles]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# What about comic apparences?| What about comic apparences?]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Standardized Hepburn romanization| Standardized Hepburn romanization]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# "Character A is the Nth character with feature X"| "Character A is the Nth character with feature X"]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# fan made characters| fan made characters]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Character Categorization| Character Categorization]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Fun Facts Overload take 2| Fun Facts Overload take 2]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2#"Nameless PC-98 Characters" page|"Nameless PC-98 Characters" page]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Luize and Louise| Luize and Louise]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# UB characters| UB characters]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# What are the Italics for?| What are the Italics for?]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# "Flying Yin-yang with Ten White Dots"| "Flying Yin-yang with Ten White Dots"]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# General Information| General Information]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Fixing Pages?| Fixing Pages?]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Creating a separate Characters page| Creating a separate Characters page]]
  • [[Category talk:Characters/Archive 2# Game navbox| Game navbox]]