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This template is used for articles about locations. e.g. the Hakurei Shrine and the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Use this and fill out the sections.

{{Infobox Location
| nameJa           = Name in Japanese
| nameEn           = Name in English
| nameIPA          = Pronunciation of the name in IPA (with soundfile link)
| nameAlt          = Alternative spellings of the name
| image            = Image of the location (optional)
| caption          = What the image is e.g. The Hakurei Shrine, as seen in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (optional)
| creator          = If the location has been created by someone e.g. Shinki (optional)
| location         = Where is the location located?
| residents        = A list of characters who are known to live or have been seen here.
| appOfficialgames = Any appearances in official games
| appPrintworks    = Any appearances in print works
| appMusicCDs      = Any appearances in music CDs
| appMiscworks     = Any appearances in miscellaneous works by ZUN, one-off images, etc.
| appOther         = Any appearances in other works (Seihou, Samidare, etc.)