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Originally from the Dutch Touhou wiki. This is used to show what keys can be used in relation to gameplay or other means. The following parameters can be used (including all letters of the alphabet from "a" to "z"; they aren't case-sensitive):

{{key|caps}} caps
{{key|shift}}  Shift
{{key|enter}} Enter
{{key|tab}} Tab
{{key|backspace}} Backspace
{{key|win}} Win
{{key|menu}} Menu
{{key|home}} Home
{{key|ctrl}} / {{key|control}} Ctrl / Ctrl
{{key|escape}} / {{key|esc}} Esc / Esc
{{key|space}} / {{key|spacebar}} / {{key|space bar}}   Spacebar   /   Spacebar   /  Spacebar  
{{key|right}} / {{key|rite}} /
{{key|*}} *
{{key|#}} #
{{key|:}} :
{{key|a}} / {{key|A}} A / A
{{key|z}} / {{key|Z}} Z / Z

Multiple parameters can also be used, e.g. {{key|shift|C}} shows  Shift+C; up to five can be currently used.