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This template should be used in articles containing song lyrics.

NOTE: If there is a conflict between two different songs with same titles, please act according to the guidelines.

Use this template if you're going to create a page that only contains Hanzi.

This template has been rewritten using Lua. The new Lua code can be found in Module:Lyrics2. Pages with that cause problems with the new template will show up under Category:Pages with script errors.


Very short description of each parameter. See below for more detailed information. Be sure to check examples first.

| group         =Circle's name, use wikilinks if appropriate
| group_en      =Translated circle's name (optional, used as category instead of "group")
| titlejp       =Japanese title
| titlerom      =Romanized japanese title
| titleen       =English (possibly translated) title
| length        =length of the song
| arranger      =Song's arrangers
| lyricist      =Song's lyricists
| vocalist      =Song's vocalists
| other_staff   =If above parameters are not applicable, use this parameter to add such as Violinist or Guitarist
| source        =The original song(s) title(s) and source(s). See below for info
| eng_only      =Include this parameter if the lyrics are originaly in english (skips kanji and romaji)
| untranscribed =Include this parameter if the lyrics are untranscribed (otherwise remove it)
| unromanized   =Include this parameter if the lyrics are unromanized (otherwise remove it)
| untranslated  =Include this parameter if the lyrics are untranslated (otherwise remove it)
| album1        =List of numbered parameters (album1, album2...) with albums featuring the song
| lang          =Changes display language for first column (default is "ja", use "none" to disable)
| kan1          =List of numbered parameters (kan1, kan2...) with stanzas in kanji
| rom1          =List of numbered parameters (rom1, rom2...) with stanzas in romaji
| eng1          =List of numbered parameters (eng1, eng2...) with stanzas in english
| lyrics_source =Optional note about the source of lyrics.
| notes         =Notes added at the bottom of the page
| extra_info    =Any additional info about the song that should be included


The name of the group.
Japanese title of the song, if it contains Japanese words. If not, leave empty and use titleen instead. The template requires titleen and/or titlejp (i.e. at least one) to be defined.
Romanization of Japanese title, if applicable.
English translation of title, if original title is Japanese. If the title is English, it goes here. The template requires titleen and/or titlejp (i.e. at least one) to be defined.
Length of the song written using MM:SS format
These fields are for names of people who contributed to this song. If there should be several people included in one field, separate them with commas.
If there are staff members that can't be classified by fields above, lay out definition list here. Format:
* guitar: name
* moans: another name
The list of the original song tracks that the song is based on. (note: For the source game, use the appropriate title abbreviation templates). Format is the same as in Template:MusicArticle. You can just copy it over from the corresponding album article.
* original title: {{lang|ja|メイガスナイト}}
* source: {{FW}}
Parameter used to determine whether the song's lyrics are only in english. If this parameter is set then the kanji and romaji columns are skipped. The parameter is set by giving it any value (typically "Y"). To unset it, leave it's value empty or remove it completely.
Parameters used to determine the categories of the article. If this parameter is set then the kanji and romaji columns are skipped. The parameters are set by giving them any value (typically "Y"). To unset each of them, leave it's value empty or remove it completely. If eng_only is set, the only parameter possible to set is untranscribed.
album1, album2 ...
A list of numbered parameters named using format album1, album2 and so forth (numbering must start with '1') that show which album(s) the song is featured in. They should be written using the LyricAlbum template, which uses the format {{LyricAlbum|album_name|image_name}} where album_name is the name of the album it appears in and image_name is the name of the file with the album's cover (if there isn't one available use {{LyricAlbum|album_name}}).
|album2={{LyricAlbum|Rebirth (Silver Forest)|SFNC-0012.jpg}}
Changes display language for "Original" column ("kan" parameters). It works similar to {{lang}} template, but affects whole column. Use none to disable localization.
kan1, kan2 ...
rom1, rom2 ...
eng1, eng2 ...
Lists of numbered parameters containing the actual text of the lyrics. The numbers next to parameters correspond to stanza numbers. 'kan' parameters should contain original text, 'rom' - romanization, and 'eng' - the english text. The stanza numbers have to match for each of this lists (e.g. |kan3= should match |rom3= and |eng3=). Column is being shown only if there's at least one stanza. The order of parameters is irrelevant.
These parameters should not contain <br /> tags. Line arrangement will be the same as given in the text assigned to the parameter (i.e. line breaks will be kept).
Numbering must start with '1'.
Adds a note right below stanzas with the source of lyrics. It can be text or regular link, like [http://www.google.com External link]
Any notes and additional information concerning the song's lyrics should be put here. It is also the proper place for references.
If you would like to add some other kind of description between the header row and the lyrics, use this parameter.

See also[edit]

  • {{alt-ja}}, {{alt-en}} - these templates should be used in case of parts of the lyrics being sung differently than they are written.
  • {{LyricAlbum}}